Sunday, April 1


April Fools

There was a time when after knowing what April Fools Day is all about, we would try the best not to be fooled. Nowadays, people just wait online to see what Google has to offer. Even if its smartly stupid. But hey, welcome to the New Age.

Gmail Paper

But Google fooled the April out of me, for a full 30 minutes, it was exciting damn! Imagine, and I'm not talking about the email printed, I can print it, but actually getting free Google Box sent. Even the post dude would be wondering. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum! Bah!

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I dont know, all this seems surreal, are we really heading to the future?

April Fools Day?

Okay, stupidity knows no bounds. At the height of stupidity, you have people wishing Happy April Fools Day. U r not supposed to do that, but what gives, yesterday on Astro's Sun Tv Chat, there were some num nut sses wishing everyone Happy April Fools day! And even the moderators are replying to it. Stupid. Stupiddddddddddddddd! Ok no blames to the mods, they wanna make money, but come on! Happy April Fools Day?!!! Normal people would just pull a super prank and shout back April Fool!


Okay, this is funny. Got this message from the client a few days back:
Tamil must be translated in Tamil. There are very easy Tamil words for all.
Please don't insult Tamil. You may be taken to court.

Warning: Don't employ some one from Chennai, They don't write Tamil. their Tamil is pick and mix.
Translation stopped being an art long time ago, I mean, the God of Translation, C3PO, he would be dissapointed. So Chennai, the center of the Tamil World, the cultural capital of India, the...oh who cares. You guys, you better do something bout this. This is dumb. But there are some good things out of this, hope from now on big co's realize they cant subcon translation to India anymore, as much as they cant trust any translation companies from China. And cost effectiveness doesnt equate quality!

Money Where?

Do you have money and are still broke? I am. I have freakin loads of money thats mine but stuck in the electronic cyber microwave sh*t out there! I cant feel it, I cant buy stuff with it, I can just dream and feel good about it.

House mates

There are lucky people, there are unlucky people and there are stupid people. My house mate is a genius. Even the sound of him unlocking the main gate can make my blood pressure hit the roof. But why am I still staying here with him? God knows. It's all the evil power of evilness thats been eating me for the past 5 years. And even worst, now, I can hear his snore, from two rooms away, through concrete walls, even wifi signals dont get across. God save me.

Why I dont answer my blog comments anymore? Why I dont ghost your blog?

Actually I do, just that it's not as regular as before. I dont have continuous access to the net anymore. The cybercafe is expensive and I cant sit near stupid kids who have Counter Strike or Ragnarok or whatever sh*t tattooed on their brain. Internet browsing is a zen experience, it must be done with peace and quite, in a Star Bucks. So till I get a notebook, please do understand me predicament and do come back, even if I dont ghost your blog too often.

Product Placement

Okay, I've been doing this shameless act for bloody so long. I havent got a drop of free Starbucks stuff or a Subway sandwich. Screw you guys.


Here's the fun part. Now I'm fragging Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Ship Of Fools by Richard Paul Russo, Evolution by Stephen Baxter and Engines of God by Jack McDevitt.


All sorts of weird stuff.


...was ugly.


...was catastrophically stupid.


Kavi said...

GP !

you have a rare gift of weaving through words and bringing the reader to understand and grasp. with an emotive element that is both subtle and raw !

Ghost Particle said...

[Kavi] Sar...If I ever/ write a book, you will be the one who reviews it wit Fred and the gang. (

tulipspeaks said...

multi-posts in a post! ;) anyway, be a good boy and dont stay away from ur blogmates for long.




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