Saturday, April 28


...history is mooning us bro, it is bloody showing its ass to us...

WTF! Dude, chill...everything will end soon, then a new beginning.

Then he jumped. Just like that, 50 meters, slammed flat like an egg on the concrete floor. My wails of panic, of sudden fear and sweat percolates into the dry cold night air. What brought him to this, like a million images in my mind, the ones of weird perversion that I get during the migraine days. A few moments went past when I thought of going down, but my legs wont move. I just sat there, starring at his limp body, its limbs in beautiful butterfly motion, almost timeless in the moonlit floor, the blood streams like time lines connecting him to his actions from the past to the future. Damn! Its like on of the paintings in the galleries, abstract communicando to the world, telling the painters deepest anger to the pretenders holding champagne glasses and chatting psychological domination over the have nots.

Then the rain. Nature cleaning up its babies, its creation. What drove him to do this, as the water slowly drowns my cloths, the skins layers melts away, my protective warm cloths melts away. Distance voices of shamans exorcising ghosts in deep chasms vibrates across the land. It was the rain, she sings in pain because shes melting. The blood is now pooling around him, lifting him over the floor, giving him a fearful image of a blood hungry god awakening after the chants of the rain lady. The brick walls of the water tank lets out a hissing sound, the water seeping in hot air pockets, small explosions, for humans ears it's the snake's hissing - warning them to shrink back into their caves.

When he stepped onto the edge, he stepped into history. But why the hell did he do it now? After this many years? Was is his bad memories on this stone monument, his past revelry wit his girl, or the days when we shot moon rockets deep into the forest, occasionally wishing we burn the damn place down. Or was it the sunsets or sunrise over the opposite walls of the tank that mesmerized him into submission? The world is bigger than any of us. Forgotten days will flood back depression drenched brain cells, pointlessly searching for directions, when if we let go, it comes naturally, so sublime and the future is visible in all its beauty.

The day she cried, he eyes reflected in the night lights, like the blood diamonds, because both are in pain. The diamond scars the souls of millions, the eyes coldly reflecting the clenched heart, another of gods creation telling us why we are mere mortals, the clueless wanderers searching for forever dawns. Suckers.

There was this one day, we both wanted to jump of, finally realizing there isnt much for us to do in this world. Ever felt that taste of blood rushing from the heart to the mouth during near death moments? It was like that, the whole damn hour we were standing on the edge, the metal railing proving to be stronger than it looks on that day. So we shouted out and screamed whatever obscenaties that came to mind, screwed everyone from the edges of history, bloody cold blooded monsters who gave us bad marks, and the bitches who pick and choose their bed partners. Wild days, fucking wild days and the we got tired and called it off. Just like that, or was it the cell ringing with tones reminding someone needs you to complete the studies and support the family, trivial things like that.

Damn, I was meaning to tell him about his girl. Damn, the maxims of life. Now he's lost in some nether world labyrinth searching for some answers to his predicament, while I am going to the slammer. Damn you maniac bastard, you left me here to answer to the cops! I frantically tried to wipe of my fingerprints from the railings, fuck, this cant be done, this place is huge. Fuck! After a moment, the words stopped, it was all reflection. He got me in serious shit. From far, the sky turned into a shimmering orange. The sun is rising is some-man's land, chants, early prayers accompany God ass kissers who wants a pay raise. Pray for all of us you idiot...

The rain stopped, rare as they are, night rains are love making moments. Just like the day I romanced his girl. Funny thought, maybe the forest told him the story, and he jumped. Cause he loved me, thats why, and his best friend screwed his girlfriend. Yeh, blame destiny, like I'm innocent, like I can see a fit chick and just smile and walk. She wanted it, now save me you idiot. She wanted it!!! The thing about girls is, as much as they deny it, they cant resist a good s... during the rainy days. What a strange coincidence! It rained then too!

Solutions is something that doesn't happen to me. In class, during exams, with humans and now. His pool of blood, now semi wet and dry at the places the rain did not touch let out a chocking smell. The blood perfume, coupled with the forest mist and dew dropped combining to give a good morning concoction a champion bartender would only dream off. The it gleamed, the blood is shiny!! No, it was the sun rising, strange, the columns of sunlight like spears, piercing through the forest searching for the remnants of the mutiny bands of soldiers, found exactly the wild blood enjoying its moments of freedom before its progenitors laps them up.

Reclamation, fear. As my mind searched for solutions, slowing stealing the flow of memory is past memories, great times. Then it came to me, I have to jump too, how two suicides will strike panic and fear across the campus. Two best friends die...(girl silently retreats with her new found boyfriends, forgetting two heroes who wanted to prove destiny wrong). Was this my fate, you bloody palm reader, death from the towers of life. Fuck,, towers of life. Water tower, damn, this is not the time for analytic quantum functions, pretend you are dumb and just die you brain. How the human mind can sink into insanity when it should be finding solutions. Another of Gods gift to our lost souls, stupid.

And it happened, just as the last lightning struck the poles in the distant Redwood cemetery, we will be buried tomorrow in lands of white among black mourners and green life givers. The grass. And it happened, but before that a final thought, will they know how and why? It's done...pain...


gautami tripathy said...

Ghost, you do come out with wonderful ghosty posts.

Maran said...

I saw the title and I thought you gettin married! Hehe.

Ghost Particle said...

[gautami] thanks! hehehe

[maran] ada getting old for this...


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