Friday, April 6

Sanjay Marlakar and The Origami Heard

What is with humans with all their likings and parallel parking that causes the world to turn around?

Humanity are creatures of habit, that is they love their habitat :p So when the time came to heard the cows and goats into domesticated beings, they started to move around, got out of their minimalistic cave's and ventured in gated community suburbs where they flourished. Of course some, after the fall of the 60's mega psychedelic revolution, started smoking regular tobacco compared to Marleyan first class grass. When the brain got tired of working, they launched themselves in heards, at that time to save the world. Pity is a short word, but pity them indeed because the world was not saved, the rich got fatter and the cartels control the world today. You vote for the wrong guy, and he decides to buy airplanes and sail boats for his children with education money, and behold, we are not going to Elysium but early graves on sun burned days.

The world is not all that bad, people did go on, lived on to meet their dreams, albeit in a road junction in the form of their better looking friends driving Ferrari's. At that time, the motorbike doesn't look so thrilling, the hair waving in the wind and the occasional evening drizzles that wet the underwear doesn't seems so fun.

So what makes this Sanjay Marlakar issue so sensational, so hair 'raisingly' stupid? A few years back there was this article of the stories of Hungarian Jews who won more Nobel prizes than anyone else. As a matter of fact, the majority of Nobel prize winners are Jews. What made them smart? Its the holocaust, because they knew the world may not exist tomorrow. Its their will to do and 'done' the things necessary to the collective well being of humans. The holocaust was a dead point, point of no return, the worst full stop anyone or any race can face. The mountain is impossible to climb, but they did who had the will to do it. Indians were facing the same predicament when the British colonized them. Albeit, let it be the greedy nature of the early mega empires to serve their kings and queens with jewels and spices, they did colonize and thats a fact. But where did the collective will that saw the salt march 77 years ago this week, went? The very fact that Indians did venture out and colonized the world and that the diaspora is reaping the riches on par with the Jews are historical testimonials that they did do good. But why does Sanjay Marlakar need a philosophical ejaculation to justify his life?

Sanjay Marlakar is an opportunist, he banked on the pity desi votes and damn hell it worked. He is an untallented piece of shit, but who am I to say it. The whole Idol competition is just another studio plot to reap billions while dumb eager wet contestants trash out their bathroom talents while categorically destroying history making songs. What Sanjay though one fine day a few months or a year ago was that if the smart engineer dumb singer Huang can do it, why cant a gay desi like him hit the jackpot. And now his wildest dream did come true, and boy someway or another (if) he is going to win the damn thing, then the history of music will change forever. At least reality show music. Its a dejavu feeling when comparing to Indian talents shows in Malaysia and Singapore to the Sanjay Idol show. Here people vote for the sake of voting, for their homies, for their clan members, for their caste members, etc. Sanjay Marlakar is a contemporary institution of Indian cultural evolution, he is proving single handedly that when you open the right doors and touch the right hearts, you can make it, whatever the odds.

Beta decay was a big thing in physics half a century ago. India was spearheading the research complete with underground detectors and revolutionary theories. But today Indian science research is happening in the States and Europe. The brain drain, the dire need of the mind to train the thought in the direction of money (sometimes) caused the exodus. This is the modern day exodus, that started in prehistory, had a helluva party along the way and mashed together an origami world today. The world today is a mass of vibrations, of people moving every which way and relaxing to the sounds of Nirvana cafe when 10 years ago only the revelers in Ibiza would have heard of it. Today we have minimalistic memories of yesterday, and retro recollections of the past hour and the slow moving past second. What moves today, are people like Sanjay Marlakar. They dominate headlines, picturizing people like us who want to move and do something but is tied with emotional baggage and the stone being it tossed into the sea. We are stuck yet we are held together, blinded by the tube, by the net to witness the dawning of the new age from an ergonomic seat where we climb mountains in the middle of decaying proton traces that started this all. Who would have heard India in such a hard science research, and who would not have given it a chance if not of that Russian hand and the years that came to past.

We are today members of the origami heard, we live and eat for the pleasure of spending money. We are build such a way. We are made such a way. We need to spend something to achieve sleep tonight, we dont care if the next person in the metro is poor or sick, we are going forward. We are born with instruction books and dotted lines to achieve the perfect fold. We are marked from the womb, even from the matchmaking sites where the stupidity of the people wants a caste separation when genetic diseases are much more malignant to humans. We bought our first advertisements when the doctor wearing a Tag Heur writes using his Parker the time of our birth. We are marked to artificiality when we are dated and aged using neo-classical timing when the universe moves in the rate of particle fluctuation. Why we are educated in quantifying the universe if not to make us better spenders and better creators of another race of economically motivated generation.

I'm not sure if Sanjay deserves a post title, but hey, the world is a much better place if people like him actually contributes to the trickle of money. When you see enough dirt on the daily rotation of the world, then you must stop to notice the connections of it all. Funny world indeed.

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