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A Love Story

take days and put them in winter
flowers blooming amid landscapes white
a beautiful day emerges
articulated from virgin memories
along baroque river terraces

Indian red tapestries on facades
fluttering shy in the morning sun
emerging from their sensuous sleep
children masquerading musical notes
sweet music retracing backyard marriages

falling snow melting in air
as shallow fog cover the land
amid the whiteness lights yellow bulbs
like unspoken eyes of angels
but their beauty never lost in stories

let this be the day, the day
we came out to dance and be merry
remembering the rolling hills
where we swept into the air flying
this is our love story, in the snow

[+] Hemmm...why do sometimes I hate my own poems? This multiple personality disorder is killing me!


Emmie said…
Beautifully written. It transcended me to a completely different world. Such a talent you are!!You should share more of your poems with us!! Would love to read them so much. You can also peep into my Love blog sometime, and drop a line!!:)
Pauline said…
This is beautiful, I have been tranported...
Jeevan said…
Great poem bro! the second para was very chill:)

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