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Knut The Polar Bear

Ok! Thats It! I wanna stop blogging. I want a Polar Bear! The dude's cute, oh man! (This must be the feminine side of me...hemmm....). Apparently the dude is not feeling very good. I can see the future...Knut and Ghost, the famous traveling eco-warriors, getting rid of the scums of earth! While Blogging! Knut and Ghost, the biggest sensation since baked beans and blueberry cake! Knut and Ghost, the blogging wonder dudes! Knut and Ghost on the moon! Knut and Ghost the TV series...

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Kavi said…
I am telling myself this mate. And am telling this to you now. Life is beautiful. Enjoy every moment of it. Treasure it. You have so many treasures in you that makes me envious of you. Keep on mate.

Whats up with the 50/60 project. Let me know. am all eager.
Homo Escapeons said…
We have the world's most DANGEROUS bear right here in my Province.
They have a special jail for the trouble makers who are imprisoned until the Ice freezes over the Bay and they can take off to hunt seals.

They are so cute when they are young..almost perfect..but only Sea Otters are perfect...OK maybe Pandas.
Keshi said…
u want a polar bear? Just adopt me. but Im not white.

praveen said…
i checked out the pics of're rite..he is soo cute..reminds me of bheeman when he was much younger
Nachi said…
WTF???? it's Nachi and Knut!!!

sounds better and i like it better that way...anyways, you could always borrow him for a day for one of your activist sagas!!

ps: although i sometimes wonder what would happen once the tiny fella is all grown up and big enough to fit my head in his mouth???

do we get bonsai polar bears??
Ghost Particle said…
[nachi]! nachi the nut, i means nachi and knut...okay u can have em...but i get him for the weekends, need to impress da girls u c :P ANd when he gets big, we are food for him...isnt that cute. :p

[kavi] sarr! the 50/60 project. coming soon...will update you asap! Live is indeed beautiful, we will share it,.

[h-e]man...i know...the seal hunting season...when the buying stops the killing will too ! thats what me thinks. But panda is dangerous too...but my Knut wont eat you...:p

[keshi]...can I have you and Knut? Atleast I can keep you forever coz knut will go away when hes big.

[praveen] theyre cute when theyre young arent they...Bheeman is the dog? I love dogs.

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