Thursday, April 5


He once said
God does not play dice.
But some cooks out there thought he asked us to stop science before it reads the mind of God. Or worst, as I found out recently, the 'unbelievers' think by deciphering the structures of the universe, God will be replaced by science. For the last damn time, God is something between you and your soul. Science is fact. No God, world lives on, no science, no progress, people die. See, its that easy, stop being foolish. Believe anything you want, but believe in your self and the path forward more. That's all.


gautami tripathy said...


For this I can even hug a ghost!!

Nahuatl said...

Well said!

Jeevan said...

I could agree with you bro!

alex said...


"Believe anything you want, but believe in your self and the path forward more. That's all."

You said it. :)

QUASAR9 said...

Science attempts to understand and unravel what is

Wireless and Mobile communications are only p[ossible when we discover what makes them possible.

One cannot find Oil or Gold, where there is none.

Of course we can make diamond in the lab, because we understand how diamonds were created and re-create the forces (pressure & heat) in the lab.

QUASAR9 said...

So when two theories in science diverge, should one say to the other you are wrong, or should both battle on.

Some assumptions in science are held to almost as religiously as other theological or philosophical beliefs.

Medical Science is driven by an innate belief that man can find a cure any malady or disease, that man can transplant any organ (even your brain) and unravelling DNA has given us the search for anti-ageing and immortality.

But of couse being immortal and never ageing would still not make us gods, but medical science does aspire to be 'god-like'


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