Sunday, April 8

Days without Days

Destiny, Here we come!
You know something, you'll keep wondering why no one believes you and why no one gives you space to be what you want to be. Nothing can be made sure, nothing will work all the time. The world is not about the haves and have-nots, there is also death. Parents wont understand, friends wont give a damn. This is not a self pity journey, its about the ability of you to understand whether everything that I do is reasonable or not. Most of the time you wont, because I am right. The world don't turn for somebody with money, credit cards cant buy gravity. The insanity of this world lies in the fact that everything can be price tagged. The simple pleasures in life does not lie in abstract notations on a shopping mall wall. The world encompasses our life, hence life runs parallel to the forces of the world. Space, the future, causality, all this a linear productions of life. We wake up to a new day, same or not to the day before is another matter, the perspective of life lies in the fact that its a new day forward. Again, you wake up to that tremendous noise striking with gale wind power reminding you of the dirty dish and laundry. Life is not simple, making people understand is worst. Work is not easy, studies is not easy, living is not. Try to understand.
What do you want today?

What do you want tomorrow?

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Jeevan said...

Nice write up! Like is not easy, others expect us to understand them, we expect them to understand us, but we wont express.


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