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Darkness Star/ Summer Days

the door opens
silent shadows slither in
claws, eyes, long hair all dark
terrifying cast on the walls growing
dawn not in sight, dews masquerading

trolls and fairies
angels from songs yonder
harlequin eyes of midnight stars
bright, sparkling like diamonds on fire
moments, the lone spectre scribbles in the sky

wind stroked sands
dunes of shattered passions
jewel wearing ladies in forever summers
Sirius, rising slowly at the ends of emerald estates
framing the ends of the world to the confines of the heart

the grand days
reds, pinks and purples of fuchsia showers
yesterdays of nightmare forgotten little by little
beautiful still nights remain in memories petrified
how a touch from young hearts can blossom such reverie

forever, silence, touch, love



Jeevan said…
Nice poems!! the above one too.

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for, its during the rainy seasons
when we sit admiring
the cool breeze and wandering droplets
we realize we are admiring the beauty of loneliness
from afar, of you and me