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The Colors of Life

As you can see, the cool super duper header up there is made by yours truly. But the photo's are not mine, it is shamelessly snitched from the National Geograhics Photo site, the copyrights are all reserved to the photographers. Will keep the images until someone threatens to sue me :D

Sincere Flattery: Photography is everything to me, the world should be felt and touched by colors and the people plays an important role in defining colors of life. So dear photographers whom I put up your photos up here, please consider them as a great homage to your skills and aspirations in being able to see the world much finer than anyone else. With life. Thank you. (which roughly translates as "Please Dont Sue Me")
The Colors of Life: The new Human Universe journey takes us to enjoy the colors of our culture, life and the environment. This is the 5oth anniversary (31st August 1957) of Malaysia's (India's 60th anniversary (15th August 1947)) Independence from the British. To commemorate this celebration of Independence and to chart how far we came today, I will update the blog with photo's and videos of everything Malaysian. (Havent seen one of India's 60 year chronicle yet, but someone should be doing it I guess.) History is a great teacher, lets relive the struggles from independence and also leave a message for the present and future generation the values of freedom and liberty.


alex said…


Great going!
Keshi said…
cool..cant wait to see the pics n the COLORS ofcourse :)

Jeevan said…
I love photography like u bro! Those are wonderful shots, and using these pic in you header is so nice.

Expecting to see the videos and pic of Malaysia! I agree History is a great teacher.

Happy Tamil New Year:)
Kavi said…
Wonderful ! Your style is simply aweing !

Lets stay connected. The idea is brilliant and we can work out something for the 60/50 !
praveen said…
the photos are r u buddy??wats new in life..dont c u on9 these days
rano said…

This is dude from Turkmenistan

I got my VSAT linkage up starting from last week. Seamless and fast internet. Hoprfully will be able to comment more....
,\m/ said…
nice nice and nice

puthandu vaalthikal if i ve spelt that right/ said the right words.. i suck at tamil.. terribly. anyways.. linked ye up on mi blog. why dont u get a cbox here bro?
QUASAR9 said…
Wow Ghost Particle,
Love the New Look!

And that is Sincere flattery.
It is nice to nice and uplifting to One & All, but then you just get self-congratulating mediocrity, as in most field where undue deference is due to some artificial hierarchy. One should resrerve sincere flattery for when one genuinely feels that way!

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