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Blogging from Work

So so so much drama in this world...when can you tell someone that no one cares a damn of what 'it' did on a rainy day if it's at most is only b*tching 'bout some artist?

The worst experiences in life comes when you wake up in the morning and switch on the telly to see a Chinese girl dancing to a Tamil song and exclaiming its a bollywood song and dance. Right at that moment you feel like b*tch slapping someone, then you realize it's only you there and then you walk up to the mirror and...

Yesterday I wanted to commit suicide. Then upon realizing it's because I'm fat and dont have a girl friend and if I jump I would probably end up in the swimming pool at 3 am, I went back to sleep. (The time reference here doesn't matter).

All this blogging is really going down the drain, the comments are at an all time low and then I realize I was right after all. Blogs don't live forever, the experience or even the fad doesn't stay on. There must be a solution to this, and the solution is to group blogs and form alliances. Must think...must think...will work for


Shiv said…
It happens sometimes na...even my comments count has gone down!! but nowadays i just blog for myself! just for me...hope u will be back to the enthu self soon!!

and there is a trip to KL planned soon! Yippee!!
Anonymous said… least, you are/seem brutally frank. Might be the reason though...for less comments. But suicide....
Kavi said…
some of my best posts have got the least comments. And some average ones have gotten good reviews !

Life has taught me that i can only control the input. Managing the output is not in my domain. Life is so beautiful that each moment must be lived to its fulfilment mate !

The value that your blog and writing bring to many ( inlcuding me) cannot be estimated by the number of comments ! Please !
tulipspeaks said…
Yesterday I wanted to commit suicide. Then upon realizing it's because I'm fat and dont have a girl friend and if I jump I would probably end up in the swimming pool at 3 am, I went back to sleep.

thoda.. enna la.. bayengera depression mathiri iruke?

cheer up!

Keshi said…
Ghosty cmon blogs r FOREVER :) I havent been this REAL in my life.

Jeevan said…
If their was no blog you and i were unknown.
I learn life here in eveyones blog.

alex said…

Lot of things which are not in our control.
Nachi said…
now then, you know better than has always been a real pleasure to read your blog bro!!

so stop fussing about the comment count, cause that seems to be a general phenomena! for yourself, i say!! of late i've turned my blog into my therapy..
Rajaram S said…
better to have no comments rather than dozens of spam comments (like this one!) :-)
Simply Jolene said…
I have no comments at all. but I still keep bloggin
rano said…

I think all the blog readers are going to youtube!!
Pauline said…
Comments are sometimes unexpressed thoughts. Everyone gets busy with life chores and or challenges. PLEASE do keep writing. Your poems are amazing and I feel inempt when reading them. We share and learn from one another. Did you by any chance read my poem drawn from you (If I could live forever)?

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