Wednesday, April 4

Blogging From Work

Came in late (11 am), (3 am: early morning soccer game, Liverpool won. Wohooo!)
Work sucks, sleepy, heavy breakfast, more sleepy.
Lunch, its Waffle Wednesday. Cold waffle sucks, feels like wet pillow, tastes like soggy Thosai. Hate to see all the posers and pretenders around me. Lunch time at the clients office is like open day at the cattle ranch. Or more like a Turkish bazaar, everywhere women parading wearing stones and golds...or wait, maybe its like the Carnival! The men, well, we just dont matter, blending in nicely with the crowd outside the lingerie store. Who killed the mannequin? Wonder Bra! do people still wear them?
3.30 pm, now, figuring ways to speed up time. Eating soggy Waffle. Thought work will finish this week, but chances are slim. Pity no fit girls around.
Future, 6pm, home free home. Sleep, TV, books...

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Homo Escapeons said...

To make time fly put your head down and run as fast as you can into the nearest wall.

Victoria's Secret
'Angels Secret Embrace'
recently won the best enhancer (cleavage creating) bra.

Can't you record the soccer games?
You must be a real fanatic!


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