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Black Magic Land

Fake histories
scatter the land
from demure maidens
to fire breathing dragons
that shall not fall under any knight

my black magic world
where the soil turns grey
and green in summers of curse
and left fighting armies wandering
aimless in the million year forests
searching for a way back to their mind

idols and temples savour
the bounty of a godless land
where we build treasures and culture
beautiful women along crystal seas
where our land seems never ending to the setting sun
all seems forever, never ending,
like the dreams of the dead

marching soldiers
falling one by one
to the evils of the war
and gods of the forest
where dwells the sons
dark and strong protected by
the trees where they disappear
waiting, lurking for the enemies
to devour them in a single strike
like demon tigers of forgotten souls

black magic land
rose so fast to the future
blinding like a lightning monsoon
flooding the minds of the princess
from ages past and present
where the rule of religion
slowly corrupts the mind of children
and men of all factions
where they turn and fight
among one another
brothers and sons
die clutching

from the far corners of the world they came
the inviting shores of this ancient land
where leagues away they saw the bright
divine light atop timeless Jerai
and when the second waves rushed in
there was already a shrine
build to guide this supernatural land
where sunrise and sunsets shall
be greeted by the reverberation of golden bells
and in frozen windless seasons
only the chosen shall witness
the rise and fall of empires
as they charge guided by the Gods
unwillingly transforming the minds
and welcoming a new world of
spice, silk, the precious and women
and it will never end...

[-] Another one below.


Keshi said…
wow very magical!

And Im the Black Magic woman ;-)


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