Sunday, April 29

At The Barber Shop

If there's one thing bugging me all this years, it has to be the trip to the barber shop. Apart from never getting the right cut I want and the monumental impossibility of finding a permanent barber shop, I hate the huge mirrors there. But the worst of all is my facial expression while cutting hair. I mean, most probably I've showed the shocked expression while being a kid, but till now, I can't be able to figure the perfect expression while cutting hair. And along the process probably scared of a few barbers as well. Its either I try to fake sleeping which is not very convincing, or I smile all the way (which is not good either if they want to think I'm a nut).

Ze question iz, what is your facial expression while cutting hair?


Kavi said...

It used to be 'loads to lose' earlier. But now, whatever remains gives me some comfort. That all is not lost. Yet!

starry nights said...

I think I have had the same dilema.Too many mirrors and not knowing what expression is best.I ususally try to make conversation with the hair stylist and that way I dont have to keep looking at my face.I just keep talking.

tulipspeaks said...

hmm.. well, i rarely to go hair saloon :P and if i do, i spend most of the time reading the magz. hehehe.. no idea of my facial expression.


Lorena said...

you're funny :) i have a neutral face. sorta like bored face.

i hate the pressure of having to have a conversation.

Keshi said...

why is everyone talking abt HAIR today? :)


alex said...


I sometimes doze off. ;)

I know it is dangerous.

Karthi said...

The one expression we have at barber shop is that of "drooling" at the sexy photos that are hung on the wall.

The photos are meant to fix the gaze of the person, so that barber will have easy job to do!


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