Sunday, April 22


To Seek My Own Path*.

* But now, even this seems overrated.


Pauline said...

When you find that path I hope it is one not well traveled. For you are much too talented to follow a crowd.
I have been given two weeks notice from my job. What path shall I take now?
No longer young but too young to be old...challenging path this one!
The lord has a path mapped out for both of us we are incapable of viewing into the future so lets promise that our first steps will be one in faith.

Kavi said...

To seek out ones own path is no joke when the beaten path is all thats visible ! To cut through the forest, establish and grow the path is that of creative pioneering people like you !

Keep on mate !

Keshi said...

oyeah :)


Pauline said...

With so much confusion in the world people feel lost and isolated.I hope you will have some time to read my recent post "The Slighest Gesture". This was a difficult journey for our family but my hope is by sharing this event someone out there will realize they are not alone. Someone out there will be reminded they are part of the human chain and their action affects many people who love them.


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