Friday, March 30

We are made for each Other

wish I could say this to someone, sometime.


alex said...


Is there anything like 'made for each other'? I wonder.

Kavi said...

I look at my dad and mom. Although they do look like made for each other, i only think that they are made BY each other as well !

QUASAR9 said...

Try saying it to the next person who catches your eye.
Don't hold yourself back, don't say no to yourself ...

Just go up to them and say: Hello!
What's the worse that can happen?
They may say they are too busy
They may say they already have a love
They may say - Thanks! - but you are not their type

But what have you to lose, you'll be no worse off than you are ...

Aaah but if they say they feel the same way about you - well there you go - surely it was meant to BE!

Ramses said...

Engeyo kaetta madhiri irrukke

and if someone was death for me, i'd be happy

tulipspeaks said...

aawww... ;)


Shiv said...

all the best for tat!! and do wish me the same!!

Nahuatl said...

Do some commercials and you will get to say it many times :P


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