Friday, March 30

Traction De la Prise

100+ Million blogs. What makes 2050 interesting? NOTHING! And please, not everyone in the world likes cricket.

14 days. I'm pulling the plug on the 2050 site, gonna redesign the site, gonna send out invitation only to interested people and only talk about how we are going to get to 2050!

So serious bloggers (part time/ full time/ whatever), mail me.

Thank you and Thank you for the wonderful 1+ year of support, it was not enough. Like I said, 100 mil blogs, what makes us good?


Jeevan said...

Hope I would be one among:)

Kavi said...

Count me IN sire !

Its a wonderful concept. A concept that will take us to the future and also help us look back as we move along.

Ghost Particle said...

of course both of you will be there
i need a figther, writer and an economist as well.

Sorry very busy, so could not reply to all messages.


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