Thursday, March 8


When the Standard Model does not play our tune, we Change it. No more market economics and populist statistics. What we want is the fact and what we want right now is the human interface to the World problem. No more theories, no more studies, just simple facts. Human Facts. On other days, you can relax by the sea and capture images like above. On other days.


Karthi said...

Gp. This is one awesome shot!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi GP, Why only on other days
Could be everyday, If you are lucky
enough to live by such great sights.

Enjoy your days of rest
Enjoy your days of work
And in between the Interplay
comes some of the best work

Keshi said...

I do that all the time...when I go to the beach. cos to me nature is beautiful and is the only real peace of mind.


Jeevan said...

Its very pleasant to eyes bro! relaxing near the sea shore is an soothing feel.

alex said...


Katie McKenna said...

Beautiful! So beautiful!

Kavi said...

The other days, soak up our thoughts as the present day slips by GP !

The human facts get obscured by economic facts these days. So much so, that humans are subsets of economics. Sadly so !

In thiese present day moments, one can only truly stay focussed on adding value. And that cannot happen if once doesnt add value to oneself.


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