Monday, March 12

Life Stories

running away from the future,
living life ahead of time,
not slowing to reflect,
to see the results,
that renders,
our efforts,
- reflections
a black tux,
rows of pink,
petals of red,
then a white dress,
reflections of milky white,
yellow bulbs barely illuminating,
trickles of invisible happiness trails,
the bridges of the heart and soul to come

[+] Scriptures of Life


Keshi said...

r ya gettin married? :)


Kavi said...

It took me some time to grasp. But grasp i did. Relish i did !

starry nights said...

Sometimes we feel that life is running away from us and there is no time to slow down and reflect.

Are there going to be wedding bells soon?

Jeevan said...

The first one was superb bro! I like to follow the times, that i think it won't stop, it keeps on running.

Ghost Particle said...

hah! No marriage folks! I have high respect for the institution of marriage but very little trust on it.


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