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The Library

Was there in the library, peacefully reading the stuff I always read when...

...a Chinese man started to laugh, slowly at first, then increasingly loud and finally annoyingly loud. Then everyone starred at him, but he was seated facing the wall. So he did not notice we starring at him. I smiled at first then suddenly a chill went down my spine and mosquito bitten arms. (there's a mosquito farm in my apartment). Goosebumps and hairs standing. A guy seated near me woke up and left. He sensed what I was sensing, maybe its hysteria, madness inflicted by a spirit possession. What if the mad man comes running and kills everyone? But then, at that moment, the pretty girl on the other table started giggling. Ok, that was not very assuring, but pain, and worst, death seems to be near. Then he stopped. Just like that. No laughter, not shaking, not ghost spirit nothing! At this moment any sane person would run away because...yes like they say, its calm before the storm. So I just put back the journal, gathered my notes and pen and made a fast exit.

That was my 15 minutes of terror just now. Sleep well folks.


Nahuatl said…
Keshi said…
so did u really see this guy or was it a vision?

Ghost Particle said…
it was real...i mean the guy was real...a few people saw him...!
Katie McKenna said…
I think it is smart to trust and follow one's natural instincts.

Jeevan said…
That's something funny in library!
Homo Escapeons said…
Didn't you have your Tazer with you?
I would never go to a public Library without a Tazer and my big SSHHH! Button.
Kavi said…
Scary ! I hope you dont have to go through this the next time. And if you do go through, just hang in there and let me know what happened !!!! ;)

I frequent libraries you see !

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