Wednesday, March 14


KLKillahs Begin
And so it came to pass.

The culmination of a dream, to rid the world of all the anjacks plaguing our not so fair populace. Now that i've satisfied the intellectuals who actually trawl the web looking for blogs in between the long loading times for Jenna's XXX, its time to get to the nitty gritty.

Now raise your hands all you normal illaiyaraja loving ghee guzzlers, how many times have you looked away embarrassed because of that one KNNKLK who decides to drink a whee bit too much and starts doing his own little hippity hop (read: chicago jango) on the pavement whilst spewing Momma's famous mutton korma at pretty much everything that moves. Or at that KLK who decides to have the infamous KLKult Klassic 'O podu' as his ringtone. And we can't forget my personal favourite, the embodiment of the modern KNNKLK. Earring, nosestud, sharp tipped comb, gold hair ( You dickwart, GOLD and BLACK do not mix) and of course the "Look ma, i've got a spork stuck up my arse" side to side walk.

Well you KLKs, bad news. We ( N, S and A, not to be confused with the NSA) are out for blood. We will trawl the likes of friendster sourcing for potential KLK targets to be ripped into. "Machi ponna jack la" to put it in more comprehensible terms for you. Klengstantine and his motley crew are here, you have been warned.

ps: if the above abbrievations make no sense whatsoever, kill yourself or sign on with the army.
The former is painless.
---> Excerpts from Keling Killahs first Post.

I'm part of the Keling Killah family now. Here's a toast for kick ass adventures from the 'bolehland' to get rid of typical 'kokoi' yindian'ites' from this world forever! Prost!


Maran said...

Dunno wats the post is all about!

Ghost Particle said...

cha the mission is to get rid off the posers and pretenders in our community...the nigga wannabees and all. :D

gautami tripathy said...



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny