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Is it 4 am, hours past eternity?

A few last drops of water (tastes strangely like swallowing metal), 10 minutes past 4 am, some tragic music from an unknown composer, and a country sleeping. The trouble with the world is not the people, its their ideologies, devoid of their self, because it's conjured almost out of thin air, particles of mystery, changing destiny forever. Seriously thinking, maybe we should stop making changes, and just watch. Thinking of canning the 2050, maybe go 'singular', to the singularity, maybe return to the roots. Does it even matter, ideas need branches as well as roots, when the branches doesn't spread well, then the tree dies. And then an ambitious young'ling' sprout out, up into the star streaked sky, waiting for miracles to happen. Fate, eternity, destiny, magic...


Pecos Blue said…
But all things are changing all the time--maya we cannot stop change.
alex said…

Beautifully said- the ideologies.
Kavi said…
The trouble with people is not the the people but ideologies ! I would agree GP !

But then where do we draw the line. Ideologies reside in people dont they. And it is the actions as a consequence of such idealogies that cause all trouble !

I await the miracles. Just like you. Fate. Eternity. Destiny. Magic !
Nahuatl said…
Dare not abandon things or bad luck will fall upon u, u pithecanthropus!!
Ghost Particle said…
whats a pithecantropus?

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