Wednesday, March 28

Here we go again...

SUBWAY will come back later, the sandwich burned my mouth...urghhh...
Okay, the Good News is I got a job, and the even better news is I can work from home when not meeting the client!

The Bad News is....more sleepless day and night fighting demons who wants to make the world a bad place to live. And, its my old job, in a new company!

The Motivation...I need to get at least an Audi 2.0 or a BMW 3 series as my first car since a bugger ex-schoolmate of mine whom we all hate just bought a Civic. Yeh, life is that tough, dog eat dog, cat whack cat...

The real Motivation...since I might or might NOT finish my Masters thesis, and that illusive particle physicists job at Cern is remaining ILLUSIVE, I need to support my ass with some job, any job.

So my new Job Description will be... Ghost Particle,Full time Particle, Full time Translator, Editor, Full time Blogger, Part time Physicist, BSc Physics Hons, MSc Physics Hons (under construction).

Salary...enough to buy me 180 half foot SUBWAY sandwiches in Malaysian currency per month. (it is low...damn low...)

On how to spend your salary...hemmm...for Indians...give 30% to your mother, 40 % for fuel, rent and food and the remaining 30% for medication. Non-Indians can go on with your normal life.

Mode of transportation...motorcycle, unless if it rains...I will sleep and go after the rain.

Chances of getting a girlfriend-wife at good as a cow eating steak on the moon.

Rules of eating order-ins at work...DONT BE SHY, if not, there wont be any Dominos left for you! (Rules when you have to order in...fake migrain and go home)

Favourite expression at work...Smile, smile, stare, smile, stare, smile, stare, try to cover the monitor with the head when surfing porn while giving the dumb Bush look.

New people to hate...the smart ass, arrogant, kiasu, idiotic, fake, stingy, pretentious IT vendors from Singapore (where else! duh!)...I so wanna tell their company name...but thats for another day.

New people to like...the previous IT guy whom I hated because my previous boss bad mouthed him to all of us, whom now called me and gave me the job. Now now, talk about the circle of life, karma, chicken teriyaki...etc.

On off days...turn into a 1/4 metro-sexual dude, and hang out in Starbucks Times Square pretending to be rich. Even rich Indians dont do this here. Spend another half day reading the titles of all the books in Borders and then deciding to buy it for 1/7th the price in PayLess Books.

Advice to everyone seeking for a job...get very rich parents who can sponsor your studies overseas so that you can be guaranteed a job, or at least a few years world tour before you bankrupt your family and work in a restaurant washing plates in Luton, UK. If you have poor parents...WTF are you doing reading blogs and surfing the net! Get your freakin ass on that book and slave your brain to commercial conformity learning theories of jackass trading nations, relativity curry postulates and trishagonometry. A half dead life is waiting for you, a half baked future and a women-less world until you turn 35. God Bless you children.

Parting words...I'm sick again, got the flu...and I'm fat (self pity)...hemmm...I'm hungry now...and need to travel 60 miles to home on a lonely highway...


alex said...


Mixed emotions after reading this post. Sorrows told in a funny way. Hmmm

Kavi said...

Well. Well. Well. At the outset, congratulations !

So he bought a Civic ! I know of somebody who did that here. Three days later there was a scrawl on the car. "Uncivilised Civic" you can be sure they werent speaking of the car ! Thats besides the point.

Am in a ramble ramble ramble mode. I am happy for you that you are getting on with life. You havent written about possibilities for holidays and perhaps a trip down here. So that hope stays.

Your writing skills and humour seem to be well on their way up. thats progress mate ! Happy blogging !

tulipspeaks said...

hahaha... i'll be there nah? but only if its the same job u told me that day.



Keshi said...

get better soon Ghosty!

Congratts on the job! Sounds nice :)

**Non-Indians can go on with your normal life.


why no chance of getting a GF? U


gautami tripathy said...

Hey, get up, get going, ghost!

Pauline said...

We don't care about the other people!!! Look your self.
Happy for you that you found a job;albiet a temporary rung in your ladder. congrats.

Jeevan said...

Congrats friend, for getting a comfort Job:) It seems you have become busy.

I feel nowadays much of the salary are going for fuel and food.

Karthi said...

>> Full time particle.
>> I'm fat (self pity)...hemmm

All fat particles disintegrates into more lighter particles + energy. So if you become full time particle you are actually slimming down.

Gosh, I could do that too...


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