Friday, March 16

February Travels, Part 2

February and March took us everywhere. Here are some pictures from February from our travels to the Batu Hampar waterfalls near Yan, Kedah. The waterfall is very famous around the area and are located deep inside a forest reserve.

On the road again...

The recreation area of the waterfall


Not much water...its the drought season...

This is the remains of a dead ketapang tree

This is the giant base of the Ketapang tree...its so big, about 10 meters in diameter

Yep, its that big...thats only the root!!!

This is the entrance to the Royal Cottage of the Sultan of Kedah. The place is gated actually (the sign reads no entry - yellow gold is the royal color) , but the forest inside is well kept.

The road leading to the Royal Cottage (in sephia mode)

The evening sky
(Travelers: 630, BBD and Ghost)


alex said...


Lovely paths and trees and mountains and sky. :)

Kavi said...

Lovely pictures Ghosty !

Jeevan said...

Wow.. that giant tree wonders me!


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