Thursday, March 1

Daylight Stars

There will come a time when you realize either you are stupid or others are. Then the days will come when you are outnumbered while others gain on you. On those days you can't go on preaching you are good and others are not. On those days you are the enemy. Don't expect people to understand you. They have their ideas for you, their desire to see you differently, and as much as they don't like to be changed, you cant be forced too. But alas, the world is not a level playing field, you will be struck down. When you have someone whom you taught a few vital things you know, whom you helped and showed the direction forward, stand up and fight back, question you on your stands, then there is no more reason for you to be.

We make a lot of mistakes in life. Mistakes will come back from time to time to haunt you, break you down, push you to the edge. And at that time when things looks so messed up, do you think you can vindicate your actions? No you cant, because they work against you. You never look good in front of them, because its either you messed up growing up or people think you're stealing their spaces. So this fight is for power and space. And then you decide to hand them the power because naturally power without knowledge or intelligence or experience means zilch. But thats where again the world will prove us wrong because its not power that we gave them, but our dignity and principles. That means we have lost everything then.

In this situation, there are two ways handle it. One, is to stay and fight the battle. Two, make a quick exit, escape and come back later to win the war. Whats yours?


Shiv said...

Nice post, GP...truly the best thing acc to me, stay and fight till ur point is proven. It gives u confidence and the sense of power!!

Jeevan said...

I will see with this power is he using it for good purpose or else I will stay and fight the battle. In a side I will be proud that a person from our guidance has comes to the power.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Hmm.. Was just browsing thru when I came across your blog. Cool, especially the one about 3 tags and so. Daylight Stars ?? Nope, not my cuppa. :-) And, ya, photography, IR's superb music & India's immense beauty rocks. So does my hometown - SP. :-) TC & keep bloggin' ....

alex said...


"We make a lot of mistakes in life."

When do we know it is a mistake? Do we make a mistake knowing fully that it is amistake we are making?

Or isn't it when something doesn't turn out the way we wanted or the people wanted, does the 'choice' get labelled as a mistake?

Keshi said...

**Mistakes will come back from time to time to haunt you

theres this one very small mistake that I've made like 4yrs ago that haunts me to date. It left me with real big scars.


Anonymous said...

Richard Needham, said :-
Strong people make as many mistakes as weak people. Difference is that strong people admit their mistakes, laugh at them, learn from them. That is how they become strong.

Everyone makes them. The perfect person included. The weakling not spared. But, sometimes, even mistakes have silver linings hidden in them. And these are the ones that maketh us.

Ghost Particle said...

[anon] dear anon, theres two of you now...are you guys the same?

anon1 - Hey SP'ite...glad you dropped by and left a comment. Thanx for that. And for the kinds words. Are you in India now? yes nothing beat's rustic (but jammed) SP and IR's music. Cheers and have a nice weekend.

anon2 - the silver lining cant be seen if the mistake in the first place is a mistaken mistake. It should not have happened but have happened because of a multitude of reasons. But its true what you said, from the insanity, we find order and beauty. Hope i find mine soon. Thanx!

[shiv] true, in some cases leaving the battle field effects the self and confidence.

[Jeevan] we seldom have control over the other person, thats how problems start. But my biggest regret is not being able to find a solution.

[alex] true what you said, mistakes are just labels. We would know some are for good, some are bad, some can be avoided. Its like taking the less familiar path. Hope one day all paths lead to God.

[keshi] yes, the trauma and scar, we can never let go. We are humans remember. Maybe the scars build character.

Anonymous said...


You guessed right. Both anon's are the same yours truly.

I wish I was. In India, I mean. Words are scarce to explain how beautiful this country is. Was there a few months back and am still missing her. Do go - trust me, the decision wont be one that you will regret. India teaches us to appreciate humanity and how poverty doesnt need to be the end of the world. :-) That there is more to life than money and everything materialistic.

My prayers are with you. For everything you wish for. TC and have a great weekend as well. :-)

Kavi said...

Mistakes make us GP. Mistakes teach us. I am confounded with myself when i dont learn from them.

We need to stand up after every fall, dust ourselves and move on !


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