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Remember this scene. It's from my absolute favorite TV show and one of the best character ever to be portrayed on TV. He believed and had faith no matter what happened, he kept on going because he had hope and determination that one day everything will be known, will be revealed. Fox Mulder/ David Duchovny commanded a screen presence that transcended the silver screen, that moved close to the heart and played incessantly in our daily lives. He showed beyond the fake imagery of the human self, beyond what we say and do to please others lies a precise clockwork determination to be the changes that we want. The message is to get our hands dirty, why let someone else do something that we can do ourselves, the satisfaction and appreciation is more that anything we can dream of.


alex said…
The message sounds great. :)

I don't watch serials.
Kerry said…
Yay! I loooove the X-Files too! I've been watching it since I was just five years old and it's been my favorite since then.

Check out the forum listed as my webpage if you're interested. A group of Philes and I had been talking on the XF board on IMDb for a few years when we decided to make our own page. It's pretty cool, if you're interested.
Ghost Particle said…
[alex] bro! this is not a serial. Its a series. :p there is a difference I can assure would have loved it if youve seen it. hahaha

[kerry] OMG...another Phile! Im heading straight there! thanx. Its the best...ever...!
alex said…


I have heard a lot about this.

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