Wednesday, March 21

300 (+ a few dozen more)

300, is one hell of a movie. And I mean it. By the way, please don't cook it to the extend of making it another sfx trash flick. There is a great great message at the end.

History shall remember a generation, and create another, stronger, bolder, wiser.


Protegeoflife said...

but for me it wa strash movvie i just disliked and loathed it do we need such movies isnt trade gone too saturated of such movies

Ghost Particle said...

well the trade might be saturated, but the message isnt. The art is not saturated at all. People are looking into how Frank Millers work can be translated into the screen with such profound art and camera work. That itself is amazing. Sure we can stop a few million people going there for the blood and gore, but the fight had a deeper meaning to it, more camaraderie can be sensed compared to even LOTR.

P/s: Certainly, its better that the mega load of bs movies thats coming from Indian nowadays...

Homo Escapeons said...

The production side of it was flawless..and let's face it they didn't make this as a date flick!
This is testosterone in all of it's glory and simply a form of escapism..with a tinge of a message about Honor and standing up to Bullys no matter what the cost.
The real Spartans were scary as hell anyway so this isn't much of a stretch...except for the 9 foot tall cross dressing Xerxes but even he was cool.
I loved it.


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