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2006 US State Department Human Rights Report

Read the full report here and find out how your county fared.
On a related matter, US calls the Darfur genocide the worst crisis now, and still doesn't do anything about it. I think for sure they don't do anything about it because it doesn't involve oil, Israel and America. In a few years when it turns into a holocaust, the world will call it a holocaust level crisis and still never do anything about it.
[+] The report


Keshi said…
ppl r slack Ghosty. its not gonna change that easily.

Lucas said…
Before you simplistically pin the woes of the world on America & Israel, I think you would find that the main reason for inaction is that China is preventing UN Security Council intervention on Sudan because it’s a big purchaser of oil from the country & doesn’t want to jeopardise relations with Khartoum.
Ghost Particle said…
well lucas...the china vote did not matter in iraq did it? Even malaysia is a big time investor in sudanese oil. The thing is, it is about oil, just that the implications of Israeli American relationships is not evident here. It is in iraq. And even more, the Darfur conflict has its brush with the Arab world do you think China alone is the culprit? Come on, I dont see Arab countries meddling with Palestin any more seriously than the worlds concern in Sudan. It is more than Chinas vote, if they want to end the Sudanese conflict, preemptive strickes are more effective.
starry nights said…
I have been thinking the same one is bothered about this because it is a poor country and no oil.people are busy saving the people of Iraq even though they did not want any help and where it matters most.they turn the other sad.
Lucas said…
I don’t think China is the only culprit in the Darfur conflict. However, wouldn’t any unilateral military action be condemned by lily-livered peaceniks like yourself. The fact that you vacillate between support for pre-emptive action in Sudan and opposition of America’s role in foreign policy highlights this dichotomy clearly. The only country in the world that has the capability of projecting its military power substantially is the US.

As far as intervening in Sudan, the UN Security Council is a body which given its structure is ill equipped at best to deal with intra country conflicts. To build support for action, China prevents the consensus from being formed for military action to be taken against Sudan. Which other multilateral body can you see intervening in Sudan? The African Union as it is having trouble raising the required peacekeeping force for Somalia.

Answering your question on Iraq, I don’t disagree that it has been a foreign policy disaster. However, I would think that the current scenario between the Sunnis & Shias would have been played out in the future given the level of animosity between the two groups. One could say that Saddam’s regime artificially kept this level of animosity ruthlessly suppressed.

You are ill informed at best when in comes to geopolitics. Come on, there’s a battle for supremacy in the Arab world between Saudi Arabia & Iran. Just look at the quasi proxy conflict going on in Lebanon between the Sunni led government backed by Saudi Arabia and Hizbollah backed by Iran. Also the conflict between Fatah (Saudi backed) & Hamas (Iran backed) highlights another example of the so called non-meddling that you see within the Arab world.
Ghost Particle said…
damn, I get to get the stuff u read.

My points are exactly the one I made! If America can attack Iraq q/out consensus, why cant it do it in Sudan (or elsewhere). Dont mind the peace loving dude here. I dont matter much.

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