Saturday, February 24

Unsaid Words

the flickering of the unsaid words
through the morning dew, through
the daylight and afternoon meals
deranged mind talks louder but the
volumes muted to empty air from
the mouth that struggles to speak

standing with my back to the door
another door closed near my heart
then my mind and finally my eyes
muted to the visual flickers of
words still remaining unsaid
strangely dancing on my wet
eyelids while my brain talks
of eternity and damnation

sensual fireflies through the window
cool breezes slip in secretly spying
spirals and perfect mathematical
curves on everything forbidden to be
spoken and still the words flickered
wanting to steal the laces and the silk
sari strewn across the floor in mysterious

and no we did not look for your
traces in the rice flats laid to dry
in the same sun that gave you light
for your first steps and growing days
when you resonated with flowers and
scents and we still did not look for
the resolutions of the smells and colours

from the road junctions to the hidden
country roads where we stopped for
directions where words still told
stories but mine could not even
picture a day before or a day today
and the words remained unsaid for
the fear of a broken heart

your steps and paths took you
to faraway places but the heart
still yearns for those days the
words that should have been said
but we are humans we are lost
we are paralysed with awe and anger
and fear silences the roots of any

[-] helpless, nothing else, simply helpless.


Katie McKenna said...

What a moving piece! So beautiful yet sad.. aching....

Thank you for sharing!

archikins said...

beautifully said!

Jeevan said...

Lovely poem... by the way u have been tagged bro!

clover said...

so is it goodbye? you'll just die? is that it? so much tragedy... i'm mesmerized at times

gautami tripathy said...

Sad and poignant, ghost. Iam moved...


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny