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Sunday Morning Destiny

Some may know how it was in Hiroshima or Nagasaki those days after the bombs were dropped, or even London after the blitz. They lived through the century. Things were not easy, lives were lost, ideologies shattered, new powers were born, the world turned, life went on.

I don't know how it was then. I can feel the pain, but not the heart wrenching bitter pain of actually being there. A lot of brave people died protecting the world. We were born aren't we? We did not fight for the little freedom we have today to walk the streets. Some believed there would not be genocides in the future, then. But we had worst times to live on.

I picked up a humor magazine some 20 years ago to find a satirical cartoon of the Afghanistan war. So how does a kid understand what Soviet Union and Mujahideen are? No I did not understand the roots of the conflict, nor the images of terror, not even the tank canons smoking in the desert backdrop. The same images, the kind that a 5 year old in America or Japan today would not understand of. The images of popular journal publications of fly infested children in Darfur. Because they don't teach us those things. We learn pain first, then again, then we cry and then we understand.

Everyone have their personal ideologies, beliefs. Some may take to the streets to fight for tomorrow, whatever we might call it, protests, burning carnage of vehicles and buildings, graffities so conveniently photographed by the international media. We were not there. But they had children to feed, the inflation, the dirty politics, the terror. We cant find solutions among problems, we are the problem, the problem is that we wanted change. The whole idea is about getting our hands dirty. Change, be the change, find the solution, stay strong, see the results. So in the end, the results will vindicate everything.

So this case of Sunday morning protesters, we see them throng the public spaces, they marched, they fell, they fought back, they died. What histories did they write? Sundays are public holidays, so would law makers stay home and watch the news for bloody peoples protest or would they be in the comfort of their beds or the mistresses laps oblivious to the world? What destiny do Sunday morning warriors see when we don't see anything at all beyond our comfort zone? Again, what are the changes that you actually need?

We can understand the ideologies of modern politicians. If they say sacrifice a few to feed a nation, it wont matter to us. When Guevara or Fidel did that, there were space for vindication. For a nation to go forward then there were people ready to die. What Sunday morning protesters and bloggers cant and wont do is die. We wont, why should we, where are the rest?

You ask me for a solution when there aren't any, I can ask you back, would you fight with me? Or is it worth fighting when there is too much to loose? When we throw stones and see our inner self elated to euphoria of a singular notion to end all injustice, the powers that be strike swiftly to silence the roots of us. Their tools and tactics are much organized than us, so I ask again, what are Sunday protests for?

Faculties were set up to study human nature when we can answer so very clearly for what we go forward. If there is a strong case for us to stop today and end time, then we would have done that long ago. There is no case for Sunday protest or marching millions for peace when they are not going to listen to us. We failed to make then choice when it mattered, but the choices are abundant when it matters. Stay home today, watch the world for a few hours, go to sleep, read a book, you will find more wisdom there that street protests don't teach.

We don't want to see bodies on the street, bloody faces or crying children anymore. No from the keyboards of revolution, or the satellites or the radios. No messages from freedom fighters who won a few lives, millions more will die to ascertain peace for this world. The road to discovery is hilly, we made it so, we are to blame. But the solution is not sticks and stone. If today you have the sole power to cure AIDS would you for a moment NOT think of money? Its about sacrifice that we cant match, sacrifices made that today wont solve anything.

In essence, there is no one idea of peace. Our complexity lies within our walls, our communities divided by religion. We banish the writings on the walls one by one, slowly we weed out the roots of division from our own mind, then the world. Slowly, one step and a time. Darfur will continue to die, so does the rest of the world, but there are no more superheros here, we don't have the courage to look beyond the Hilton's or Spears because we don't want to see hell. The simple trivial matters of entertainment can leave us talking for days, but not the bare naked world. So why fake it when we don't have the undivided will to win or die.

A lot did happen from 20 years ago. From 50 and a 100 years ago. All were mistakes, but it shaped our future. Think about it. What do you want? And what do you need today?


How many think like this, ghost. We just go back to what we are doing.
Keshi said…
we r on this viscious cycle.

Pecos Blue said…
So true and Yes Keshi we are doing it over and over
Princess said…
It is really difficult to understand things even for elders then, thinking of the next gen it is even worse.

history repeats itself.
People will never learn from past.

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