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Shall we...?

Was up all night doing my freelancing when me far away brother from the Bay area alerted me that the Dow fell 500 points. So I quickly switched on the telly where everything went berserk in CNBC and CNN. Somehow BBC and Al Jazeera seemed not to care bout this. Well Al Jazeera had a very probable speculation that Iran is gonna get kicked in da butt very soon. So was thinking, if the markets continue to fall today, and then if the China bubble bursts very soon, and Iran gets attacked sending the gas prices to Pluto...shall we...maybe we should stock up on food and stuff?!

I will never get this, how does a market, floating in the virtual world that doesn't represent the actually value of a company or a product can determine the fate of the world? HOW!?


Nirek said…
Market represents the fluidity/liquidity of money involved in transaction. That money isn't deciding factor of a country's economoy definitely. It's just an indicator and any fall will only affect those people who are related directly with stock markets

Industry or country wont suffer a setback really, they may suffer later to get necessary investments from capital markets
alex said…
The virtual thing works just as 'currency' works. No value at all; just a piece of paper.

Waiting for more of Ghost Economics 101! :D
Ghost Particle said…
[nirek] thanx for the explanation bro..truly all this is for the long term...

[alex] bro...ahahaha...surely...there's more to come!

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