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An Oscar Departed

This is funny. Been watching the Oscars live for almost a decade now and it's keep getting weirder and funnier. Martin Scorsese, one of the great filmmakers who have never actually won a best director Oscar all this year won a pity Oscar for a Hong Kong movie remake, Departed which won the Best picture award too. I don't get it with this pity awards, award lobbying and watever else Hollywood is up to. Pan's Labyrinth made a deservedly great run at the awards. Dream Girls and Babel got stumped but Jeniffer Hudson is one happy lady for nicking the best supporting female award.

Forest Whitaker completed the imaginary black winners quote this year (yeh, yeh I'm being cruel, but hey its Hollywood!) for his commanding performance as Idi Amin in the movie The Last King of Scotland. Hellen Mirren dedicated her award to the Queen and thank god Penelope Cruz did not win it coz she doesnt deserve it, but Kate Winslet should have won it if Hellen was not nominated. Will Smith will be sad for missing it twice together with Leonardo I guess. Ellen DeGeneres was elegant, hope she would host many more Oscars to come. Uh...and AlGore finally hit it home for An Inconvenient Truth, and the truth is the world is going to puke soon for all the pollution that we dumped on it.

And the worst part of all this, there's going to be more of that 'Oscar Winner' prefix or Titles for everything from TV shows to movies to the road side DVD seller shouting 'Oskar Winner lor, manyak bagus' (Oscar Winner, Very Good).

Like they say, there is No Business like Show Business, and Hollywood is reduced to remakes. Japan Rulezzz! Arigato! I dont know why I'm saying this.

[+] If anyone out there have any information regarding the animated shorties that has it's own category at the Oscars plz buzz me. Im finding out if there is a way to get the DVD if there's any.


Jeevan said…
India's water has lost its nomination for foreign films:( Let me watch these movies of the winnings and decide how is it. The Last King of Scotland released?
Maran said…
I think it's cool that Scorsese acknowledge the HK story when receiving the Oscar.
Homo Escapeons said…
Leo was nominated for the wrong movie, he was brilliant in the Departed and only extrordinary in Blood Diamond.
Apparently American Film Critics have no f*cking idea what an Afrikaner accent sounds actually sounds like a dutch australian you IDIOTS!
Ellen was great, she is so funny.

Anyway part of the appeal of the show is to see how wrong the academy is! I picked Helen Mirren halfway through the Queen and said so on my blog the next day.

and Marty should have atleast 4 Oscars by now.

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