Friday, February 9

Metamorphosis 4

How I wish I would wake up transformed into a bug and experience Kafka's world.

There are so many times in life that we shut our eyes to reality and wish for the impossible. We want to run away from the depressions of life, break away from the decaying days claws to see a new day, a new world. There is nothing wrong in that, everyone deserves to be happy but why lie to yourself? Why deceive the heart in thinking everything looks good, when it would only take a few minutes to realize the problem and let it dawn on you that changes are needed.

So the other day I met someone who told me its not all that's easy. I've been saying the same thing, nothing is easy, but we could make pathways, build bridges to make it easy. Then whats the problem, just do it. But to build bridges we need hands, lots of them. You see, the path of life takes people and power to build. The will to go forward comes when we have someone with us to realize that. A collective dream, collateral of thoughts and the bare soul to take us there. He did not make it big alone, but then he cant confirm to the fact that someone helped him. To climb the mountain and claim he did it alone is utter nonsense.

There will come a time, not the final days, but just any day when we realize that sitting there and looking back at life will not solve problems. We might learn something, we might cry and be depressed of the days we lost ourselves, but then tomorrow is just another day promising so many things, changes. So why can't we take the leap, why doesn't the door open to reveal the changes that we want? Why even when we try, nothing seems right? Answer me that world.






Kafka's world is not as weird as the critics describe. He wrote a poignant self portrait of everyone's inner demons. We don't want to tell people what we feel because we don't want to demotivate them, but when our very appearance tells the world what we are at the moment, why hide? Why don't we just change. Transform, transcend, (meta)morph?

[+] Something else; Do you guys find my blog to be dark and Gothic like? Dissecting the micro fabrics of our every day life and delivering the bare realities of living? The dark comedies of life? Or am I just pretending, :p Do you want more fun posts? Please do tell me.


Princess said...

"but then tomorrow is just another day promising so many things, changes. So why can't we take the leap,"

gr8 words to think about.

I think your blog is unique in someway.. Your blog template is also gr8. Sometimes I feel the difficulty in understanding certain concepts. But then, it helps me learn new things...

keep writing... new and different things.

Jeevan said...

Good advice and encouragement improves our hope!!


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny