Wednesday, February 7

Liverpool and the Future

Sometime ago this looked like a no-go, but finally it happened.

'Rick has told me of a Bill Shankly saying that `first is first and second is nowhere' and that sounds good to us.'

Well, Shankly got it right, the greatest football club in the world will remain the greatest for many seasons to come.

Welcome to the team Tom and George! We will welcome you the Scouse way, from the Kop End, from the players tunnel, around the stands, from our spiritual home - Anfield, chanting 'You'll never walk Alone', when we play ball, we we win cups, when we win the Premiership!

David Moores will become Honorary Life President, Parry will remain as the CEO.


,\m/ said...

liverpool is the greatest in the world.. fuck manu and chelsea.


Ghost Particle said...

yes brro! thats the scouse way. lets kick those hot air asses of Manure United and already in dumps Chelski.


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