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Frangipani Spins

lasted a day
the frangipani scent

striking electric compositions
under the blue moon night
in the full house coliseums
your music reverberated
distances and destinies
broken down to atoms
by grand journey musicals
songs and dances and kisses
of nomads and caravans of white
and flutes under petrified skies
under the stars in petrified forests
thunderous applauses and serenading roses

faint images in photographic plates
miracle women dissecting million images
in observatories of new age nomads
and supernova blasts in the skies
showering cities with night suns
and clocks ticking faster every second
days and humans aging not seeing tomorrows
particle accelerators discovers God
temples crumble under Science waves
when God was merely a particle
through dimensions
through forests all frozen
hope and desperation
just particles
of tomorrow

wake up
there's a new world
there's life
wake up
wake up...

[-] Its been long since I wrote a science fiction poem. This one tells the story of particles, the wavelike duality of particle mirroring life itself, of discoveries from the past, of tomorrow and also of the evolution of science.
[+] In the past century, women research assistants worked in observatories scanning millions of photographic plates of the sky and made original discoveries. They were called the women computers.


starry nights said…
Never read a scientific poem.That was really nice.I think it is awesome.
Keshi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shiv said…
wake up
there's a new world
there's life
wake up
wake up

know wat?? I lost trust in those words!! :)
Jeevan said…
We wake up to see a new world with you friend:) Very nice science fiction poem!!
Ghost Particle said…
hemmm...why did u delete ur comments keshi?
Keshi said…
omg wheres my comment? :(


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