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February Travels

February took us deep into the Jungles of Kedah to the Sedim River. Sedim River is well know for its white water rapids and is know to be one of the best white water adventure spots in South East Asia. But since its the drought season, the water level has dropped massively!

Apart from that the Sedim Forest Reserve is also home to the Worlds Longest Tree Top Canopy Walk. I think the 10 bucks per person charge is tad bit expensive since the route is only about 1 km and after a while you get too much of the jungle.

[+] VirtualMalaysia Sedim
[+] AsianExplorers Sedim
[+] WorldIsRound Sedim

And the rest of my photos are in my Flickr Album
[+] Ghost Flickr Photos
(Travelers: Indran, BBD, Ghost, 630)


Jeevan said…
Cool photos's bro!! its seem u had a adventures fun with ur friends:)
alex said…
Sexy place...winding river through the jungle...
Karthi said…
" You are 26050 MM from the forest level"

What does MM stands for. pardon my ignorance :-)
Ohho..Some1 is having fun.. :) Hm..Good...And nice pics.. :)
starry nights said…
Really nice pictures.The scenery is just awesome.thanks for sharing.
Ghost Particle said…
[karthi] MM is actually millimeter. It was not that these guys put it in mm to give a huge impression!
Nirek said…
wow, the forest in those photos is lovely. That sunset photo is a real professional work.
Hope u had a great time
Pauline said…
What beautiful pictures. thank you for the journey.
slimgabshy said…
taiko....itu tempat manyak bagus lah....anayway gong xi fa cai...may the golden pig bring more luck to u
Ghost Particle said…
taiko r u man...sise sise...tenkyu. hope this year is good for all of us bro.

ye sthe place was swell...everyone was scared.

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