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The Dead Rat and the Incense Stick

Most Tamilian's would know Dindukal Leoni, the famous contemporary Tamil talk show host. He explores many topics, turns our malaise into jokes and knows how to work his crowd. You can say he's the Tamil Letterman who can win the crowd without sneaking in any type of soft porn. But the point I'm getting to is the way he enlightens us on important points. Was watching his old shows the other day when he came up with the definition for the national budgets:
He said " the budget is a way to cover the smell of the dead rat by lighting the incense stick. They never want to remove the problem, so they mask it. The carcass of the rat will forever be there."
So the powers that be spend billions each year buying incense sticks, the most fragrant ones they can find and they blind our senses with the smell and smoke while the rotting rats pile up under the bed. On the bed we are on our little island peeking down only to discover the smoke and the beautiful fog mesmerizes us and we go to sleep.

Maybe its time we learn to solve problems rather than masking it. And the problem is not you and me, the problem is the system. We, the youth of the world has a clear idea of how it should be and how it should be done, but then the system is a juggernaut, a living thousand year old dinosaur. The system is an untouchable utopia of criminals and bloodsuckers. The pillars are made of steel that has rusted in ages but they have black magic veins that cant be cut off. They feed of stupid souls who never questions the extra penny of toll, or the monstrous gas prices. They are immune to activists and dreamers. They are made of rapists who fuck and rape feminists in the middle of the day on the street side while we watch. They are cultivators of hate and fear. We feel fear at night and hate the colors in the morning. By fear and hate these oppressors win, get rich and greedy. They want more each day while we wither and shrink into the pariah corners of the world where the enemy is not caste or religion but the vacuum of the living dead.

We must get rid of them. Today.


Keshi said…
OMG someone's HOT!

tulipspeaks said…
so do u have a plan to 'get rid' of them?

starry nights said…
So true.need to get to the bottom of the problem instead of covering it up.
Nirek said…
when I am reading this, the office boy sprayed room freshner in my office here. Here also same budget story continues, the big problem lurking behind the company is still there, but people trying to hide behind something silly!
Ghost Particle said…
hot...whose hot...okay..theres nothing to see here folks...just move along now... :p
Jeevan said…
In India now budget season has started and everyones though is what's the new plans are going to come. If we see every year budget launched with the state elections ahead so the aim would be on that not on peoples real problem.

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