Friday, February 23

All Yee TV SMSers

There is this strange addictive phenomenon thats been taking over the masses for the past few years. And since last year the Indians in this country has been uncontrollably zombified into doing the same thing. Night after night these idiots finger their mobile telecommunication devices with the sole aim of seeing their messages scroll at the speed of light on the TV screen. All I can say is, you stupid buggers, why are you wasting your time and money doing something that has absolutely no benefit what so ever to you.

Can you imagine that the satellite TV channel 73 (during the Sun Music Show) of ASTRO actually airs SMS from lonely fat ugly adolescent to old hag idiots who try to debate whether Vijay or Ajith is the better actor. And why doesnt anyone ask why the Tamil channel premium sms is the most expensive among all the other language channels. And why the heck does the SMS pane covers 1/3 of the viewable area of the shows. Hey ASTRO, I'm not paying to see some IQ challenged bugger shout out about their puny dicks, you capitalist leeches. I bloody want to see the songs in full screen! Simple as that. And don't go on saying ' if you don't like it then don't subscribe' because I'm going to bloody sue you for the trauma and anger of seeing tiny people dance and sing on screen while the moderators (some attention freak biacthes who think taking care of the chat channel is the best thing next to orgasm). Hell, I'm going to sue you to share the advert revenues with us because its a pay channel! We dont pay for ads, we pay for content, so if you make money then we want the share of it. Hah! Lawyers and consumers take note, this is bloody logic!

The next thing thats insanely stupid is the SMS'er fighting over who can be friends with the moderators. Oh come on, they're back office workers, they're being paid peanuts, they're ugly people, they got no life! It hurts to see my fellow Indian Malaysians actually wasting their parents hard earned money on SMS to make some CEO fat rich. We are poor, discriminated against people. Stop wasting money! Stop SMSing ANY channel on Astro!

And for the last time, Sun Music is controlled by some Sun Music producer in INDIA! So stop bloody requesting for songs. Thats is so dumb. It shows you people are stupid. Thats not right. We Indians are smart people. So dont do that! We cant request for songs from Malaysia, because the show is delayed! Arghhh...dont you people know satellite transmission rules?!!!

And for the love of God, please, listen, when the buying stops, the killing does too! So STOP SMSing Sun Music on Channel 73 Astro. STOP STOP STOP! Please let me listen to Hema Sinha so sexily asking the call in viewers to turn down their TV volumes. Her laughter and unrivaled hosting capability is 2nd to none! I love you Hema...(and Divya...) be continued


starry nights said...

So you are upset with your satellite Tv server.Actually I am too.had Surya TV but got tired of seeing all the same Movies being repeated month after month and then the serial I was watching was suddenly cut so I just gave up and cancelled the satellite service.

alex said...


Shiv said...

me too like Hema Sinha..she is soooooo cuteeeee

Ghost Particle said...

[shiv] i cant access your blog! plz help me~!

Jeevan said...

Here is another Hema Sinha fan! i too like here, but my fav is Ananthakannan and Sandhya!!

I also deceit for first and last time by sending SMS to this sun music, thinking that's free so i send a message and lose 4Rs. some times the chatting between VJ's and people makes us irritating.

Karthi said...

>> Please let me listen to Hema Sinha so sexily asking the call in viewers to turn down their TV volumes.

You must be kidding, isn't?

TV Channels + Mobile ISP pair together and share the "fat guys" money. 50:50. Pretty simple.

If people want to know who is number one (Thala, or is Illayadalapadhi..) may occupy only minor percent of SMS. Most of SMS comes guys/gals telling their luv to partners. It's fun to read those limericks.

Anonymous said...

hema sinha not bad. but divya is my all time favrt

Unknown said...

Oh my god. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE DIVYA. I like her long hair man. She is simply .................


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