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(400th Post) Thaipusam 2007 - Day 1

The first day of Thaipusam 2007 was very hectic but certainly worth the waiting. Thaipusam could be the only religious festival that everyone wait for every year. Many of us over here observe it with great devotion and you could feel the spiritual power as well as the respect for the faith in its most glorious form.

More than a religion, Hinduism is based on beliefs and faith in goodness over evil. This basic tenet of religion underlines most of its festivals. And Thaipusam being a mainly South Indian festival is celebrated by millions of Tamils, and other races around the world in gay display of light, color and dance.

In its core, Thaipusam is the day when devotees pay their penance to Lord Murugan in order to face the days that come, to overcome hurdles in life, to thank the lord for providing a healing path in life and other daily undertakings.

January 31st was the first day of Thaipusam (commonly known a Cettipoosam). This year my brother and his friend took part in the procession to the Lords House, The Sri Subramaniyar Temple of Sungai Petani Kedah. My uncle carried the Kavadi along the 2 miles route while my brother and his friend pierced their body with hooks. Personally I dont have any comments on this practice, religion being a personal link between humans and God but one thing for certain exerting pain onto the body is not we pleasant thing to look at.

(Fishhooks with Orchids tied to it being pierced to the body)

(Pain or Connection to the Lord?)

(Again, pain or devotion?. The process is almost complete)

( A small Vel is pierced to the forehead. He's one brave guy, despite fainting twice. It's his first year doing this. He has to do it 2 more years to complete the cycle)

(The piercing is done, he will walk the 2 mile distant to the Subramaniyar Temple)

(Bigger hooks)

(Reaching, Kavadi)

(Various Kavadi's)

(Various Kavadis 2)

(Faces, Emotions)

(Kavadi's and Crowd)

(A chariot)

(Drums and dance)



(Thaipusam Fairies)

[Short Videos of the Celebrations]

[+] Today is the actually the main day of Thaipusam (1st February in Malaysia). More photos to come.

[+] The GhostParticleProject story writing competition is finally over and the judges already have the winners. I will announce them later. Please visit the blog to read the 13 stories and leave your comments.

[+] This is my 400th post, a big milestone for this blog, my writings and everyone who inspired me.


Karthi said...

Three identities of a tamilian: Tamil, Murugan and Pongal. I wish to add Thaipusam as the fourth.


Nirek said...

congrats on your 400th post!

Good to see you put all stories in one blog! i will read them!

and then how did malaysians picked up Thaipusam and celebrate in such a big way! I never seen the function in tamilnadu celebrated in a big way!

Jeevan said...

Congrats for your 400th post, and wish u to brings more post to create many milestones:) will check the stories soon...

Happy Thaipusam bro!! I dint see any thaipusam in Tamil nadu, only in Palai and Thiruchanthoor they celebrate, not grand like Malaysia. The pics are very nice.

QUASAR9 said...

Awesome display,
by the people on the day
hope you don't have much to pay
and much good luck comes your way
through the year from here to May
and from there may it with you stay

QUASAR9 said...

Ghost particle,
Congrats on your 400th post
and this most colurful array

Keshi said...

happy 400th post Ghosty WOW! :)

Thaipusam....yeah my mum knows all abt it. Nice pics. I always wondered whether those hooks on flesh hurt and how come there's no blood?


Anonymous said...

vanakkam GP :),
I remember this day from my child hood... and the first time i saw the spectacle of hooks... The images are not exactly forgettable :)....

thanks for the comment on the blog... I will keep in touch.

I am not big on counts.. but congrats on 400th!

Cheers :), Jumpa Lagi!


[off to read the stories one by one. hope i find the time ]

,\m/ said...

i m guessing its batu caves??

tulipspeaks said...

hmm well.. i would reserve my comments on piercing during Thaipusam. i hv my own views and i certain respect views of those engaged in such practice.

btwn, congrats on ur 400th post! mine only 200th.. so, i guess sumone can treat me for this.. wht say? ;)



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