Wednesday, February 21

3 Prime!

I accidentally tagged myself from Keshi's keshilicious blog. This is a 3 thing tag. I wonder when will someone ever come up with a 1000 thing tag and someone actually does it. :p
3 things you should know about the number 3
- 3 is like freakin famous in the Prime number world; read[Math_3]
- 3 is the number of primary colors that make up white in which world we can see colorful stuff such as M&M's, photos taken from Nikon camera's and Anime's (my life is complete)
- 3rd is the time when everything bad and everything good eventually happens to me.

3 things that scare me
- sometimes my own shadow
- my bank balance
- most of the Animalia world; insects, snakes, certain fish species, large crabs (unless I'm eating them), large dogs, flying animals of all kind, etc

3 people who make me laugh
- the dude in the mirror when I brush my teeth in the morning and pray its going to be a nice day
- the dude in front of the computer applying for job in the afternoon praying I will eventually get a job
- the dude praying to God before sleeping at night to keep away the ghosts
(yeh life sucks that much for this tag item to happen)

3 things I love
- food
- writing & photography (tied)
- humans (things?! heh :P)

3 things I hate
- when people say Whatever
- when people don't listen to me knowing that I'm right
- to waste food but I do most of the time

3 things I don't understand
- why and why and why people to flock restaurants day and night talking cock
- the changing colors of the evening sky (but they are beautiful though)
- why I suck in math

3 things on my desk
- my camera
- my cellphone
- a really stupid mouse pad that I bloody hate but lazy to get rid of and buy a new one

3 things I'm doing right now
- worrying about everything
- dreaming of Mars
- surfing the NatGeo site for a nice wallpaper

3 things I want to do before I die
- Sail the oceans
- Climb the mountains
- Go to India

3 things I can do
- sleep while being awake wishing that all the troubles of the go away
- get very very angry (inside)
- be very very forgiving to good people

3 things you should listen to
- the tiny voice inside your head or wherever it comes from saying ' It's enough, please stop now'
- Illayaraja's composition
- the sound of silence

3 things you should never listen to
- Politicians (yes they're are useless 'things')
- The mass media
- Religious zealots

3 things I like to learn
- new languages
- painting
- Mathematics (hahahahahaha!)

3 favorite foods
- Idli Sambhar
- Classic Indian Vegetable Curry (with fried salted fish)
- All sort of sandwiches

3 beverages I drink regularly
- Milo
- Tea
- Tea again (damn my beverages are boring...actually I wish I could drink Pina Colada everyday but it's not easy to get)

3 TV shows/books I read/ watched as a kid
- Hardy Boys
- AirWolf
- Transformers

3 people I tag
- the first commenter, the 3rd commenter and the 9th commenter for this post :D


Keshi said...

LOL Ghosty I'll be bakk to read this fully.


alex said...


Idli sambar is one of my favourites too.[Food is my favourite]

Sound of silence..hmmmm

Mathematics: ;)))

tulipspeaks said...

wow! now its the tag season or wht?? :P

i'm the 3rd person eh?? :S


Shiv said...

I saw this in Keshí's and I did want to tag myself...these days am kinda addicted to tag...mebbe the writer's block or watever it is doesnt let me think something to blog about..anyways...hoz u??

Nirek said...

long time to see u filling up tags! great bro.
Tea romba pudikuma, I am having chinese green tea in my office desk.

great! I am not the 1st,3rd or 9th commenter, so hope I dont have to tag myself

Keshi said...

u angry lil ghosty! :)

LOL u wudnt believe it, I read Hardy Boys too!!

**why and why and why people to flock restaurants day and night talking cock

huh? cos it's a way of enjoying life. How wud u know wut they r talking Ghosty? :)

btw I need a pic of ur's :( check my blog to know what I mean.


Jeevan said...

I escaped from 3 prime! nice tag friend, i too like the crimson sky in the evenings.


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