Wednesday, February 28

Shall we...?

Was up all night doing my freelancing when me far away brother from the Bay area alerted me that the Dow fell 500 points. So I quickly switched on the telly where everything went berserk in CNBC and CNN. Somehow BBC and Al Jazeera seemed not to care bout this. Well Al Jazeera had a very probable speculation that Iran is gonna get kicked in da butt very soon. So was thinking, if the markets continue to fall today, and then if the China bubble bursts very soon, and Iran gets attacked sending the gas prices to Pluto...shall we...maybe we should stock up on food and stuff?!

I will never get this, how does a market, floating in the virtual world that doesn't represent the actually value of a company or a product can determine the fate of the world? HOW!?

Take A Bow

This song from Madonna is a gem:
Make them laugh, it comes so easy
When you get to the part
Where you're breaking my heart [breaking my heart]
Hide behind your smile, all the world loves a clown
[Just make 'em smile the whole world loves a clown]
Wish you well, I cannot stay
You deserve an award for the role that you played [role that you played]
No more masquerade, you're one lonely star
[One lonely star and you don't know who you are]
People will always want to experiment, it's the nature of humans to play, pretend, observe and provoke others. But again, the choice is ours to either listen to them, give a damn to everything they say or just take a bow 'from' them. Its a twist from this song, its sarcastic to a point where we point to their actions or we take pride on who we just are. Salute them for all their efforts, flatter them and then just walk away...just like that. Why must we let them steal everything, we are the subject, we must take a bow, we are the world. Stand Up, Take a Bow.

Monday, February 26

An Oscar Departed

This is funny. Been watching the Oscars live for almost a decade now and it's keep getting weirder and funnier. Martin Scorsese, one of the great filmmakers who have never actually won a best director Oscar all this year won a pity Oscar for a Hong Kong movie remake, Departed which won the Best picture award too. I don't get it with this pity awards, award lobbying and watever else Hollywood is up to. Pan's Labyrinth made a deservedly great run at the awards. Dream Girls and Babel got stumped but Jeniffer Hudson is one happy lady for nicking the best supporting female award.

Forest Whitaker completed the imaginary black winners quote this year (yeh, yeh I'm being cruel, but hey its Hollywood!) for his commanding performance as Idi Amin in the movie The Last King of Scotland. Hellen Mirren dedicated her award to the Queen and thank god Penelope Cruz did not win it coz she doesnt deserve it, but Kate Winslet should have won it if Hellen was not nominated. Will Smith will be sad for missing it twice together with Leonardo I guess. Ellen DeGeneres was elegant, hope she would host many more Oscars to come. Uh...and AlGore finally hit it home for An Inconvenient Truth, and the truth is the world is going to puke soon for all the pollution that we dumped on it.

And the worst part of all this, there's going to be more of that 'Oscar Winner' prefix or Titles for everything from TV shows to movies to the road side DVD seller shouting 'Oskar Winner lor, manyak bagus' (Oscar Winner, Very Good).

Like they say, there is No Business like Show Business, and Hollywood is reduced to remakes. Japan Rulezzz! Arigato! I dont know why I'm saying this.

[+] If anyone out there have any information regarding the animated shorties that has it's own category at the Oscars plz buzz me. Im finding out if there is a way to get the DVD if there's any.

Sunday, February 25

Sunday Morning Destiny

Some may know how it was in Hiroshima or Nagasaki those days after the bombs were dropped, or even London after the blitz. They lived through the century. Things were not easy, lives were lost, ideologies shattered, new powers were born, the world turned, life went on.

I don't know how it was then. I can feel the pain, but not the heart wrenching bitter pain of actually being there. A lot of brave people died protecting the world. We were born aren't we? We did not fight for the little freedom we have today to walk the streets. Some believed there would not be genocides in the future, then. But we had worst times to live on.

I picked up a humor magazine some 20 years ago to find a satirical cartoon of the Afghanistan war. So how does a kid understand what Soviet Union and Mujahideen are? No I did not understand the roots of the conflict, nor the images of terror, not even the tank canons smoking in the desert backdrop. The same images, the kind that a 5 year old in America or Japan today would not understand of. The images of popular journal publications of fly infested children in Darfur. Because they don't teach us those things. We learn pain first, then again, then we cry and then we understand.

Everyone have their personal ideologies, beliefs. Some may take to the streets to fight for tomorrow, whatever we might call it, protests, burning carnage of vehicles and buildings, graffities so conveniently photographed by the international media. We were not there. But they had children to feed, the inflation, the dirty politics, the terror. We cant find solutions among problems, we are the problem, the problem is that we wanted change. The whole idea is about getting our hands dirty. Change, be the change, find the solution, stay strong, see the results. So in the end, the results will vindicate everything.

So this case of Sunday morning protesters, we see them throng the public spaces, they marched, they fell, they fought back, they died. What histories did they write? Sundays are public holidays, so would law makers stay home and watch the news for bloody peoples protest or would they be in the comfort of their beds or the mistresses laps oblivious to the world? What destiny do Sunday morning warriors see when we don't see anything at all beyond our comfort zone? Again, what are the changes that you actually need?

We can understand the ideologies of modern politicians. If they say sacrifice a few to feed a nation, it wont matter to us. When Guevara or Fidel did that, there were space for vindication. For a nation to go forward then there were people ready to die. What Sunday morning protesters and bloggers cant and wont do is die. We wont, why should we, where are the rest?

You ask me for a solution when there aren't any, I can ask you back, would you fight with me? Or is it worth fighting when there is too much to loose? When we throw stones and see our inner self elated to euphoria of a singular notion to end all injustice, the powers that be strike swiftly to silence the roots of us. Their tools and tactics are much organized than us, so I ask again, what are Sunday protests for?

Faculties were set up to study human nature when we can answer so very clearly for what we go forward. If there is a strong case for us to stop today and end time, then we would have done that long ago. There is no case for Sunday protest or marching millions for peace when they are not going to listen to us. We failed to make then choice when it mattered, but the choices are abundant when it matters. Stay home today, watch the world for a few hours, go to sleep, read a book, you will find more wisdom there that street protests don't teach.

We don't want to see bodies on the street, bloody faces or crying children anymore. No from the keyboards of revolution, or the satellites or the radios. No messages from freedom fighters who won a few lives, millions more will die to ascertain peace for this world. The road to discovery is hilly, we made it so, we are to blame. But the solution is not sticks and stone. If today you have the sole power to cure AIDS would you for a moment NOT think of money? Its about sacrifice that we cant match, sacrifices made that today wont solve anything.

In essence, there is no one idea of peace. Our complexity lies within our walls, our communities divided by religion. We banish the writings on the walls one by one, slowly we weed out the roots of division from our own mind, then the world. Slowly, one step and a time. Darfur will continue to die, so does the rest of the world, but there are no more superheros here, we don't have the courage to look beyond the Hilton's or Spears because we don't want to see hell. The simple trivial matters of entertainment can leave us talking for days, but not the bare naked world. So why fake it when we don't have the undivided will to win or die.

A lot did happen from 20 years ago. From 50 and a 100 years ago. All were mistakes, but it shaped our future. Think about it. What do you want? And what do you need today?

Saturday, February 24

Unsaid Words

the flickering of the unsaid words
through the morning dew, through
the daylight and afternoon meals
deranged mind talks louder but the
volumes muted to empty air from
the mouth that struggles to speak

standing with my back to the door
another door closed near my heart
then my mind and finally my eyes
muted to the visual flickers of
words still remaining unsaid
strangely dancing on my wet
eyelids while my brain talks
of eternity and damnation

sensual fireflies through the window
cool breezes slip in secretly spying
spirals and perfect mathematical
curves on everything forbidden to be
spoken and still the words flickered
wanting to steal the laces and the silk
sari strewn across the floor in mysterious

and no we did not look for your
traces in the rice flats laid to dry
in the same sun that gave you light
for your first steps and growing days
when you resonated with flowers and
scents and we still did not look for
the resolutions of the smells and colours

from the road junctions to the hidden
country roads where we stopped for
directions where words still told
stories but mine could not even
picture a day before or a day today
and the words remained unsaid for
the fear of a broken heart

your steps and paths took you
to faraway places but the heart
still yearns for those days the
words that should have been said
but we are humans we are lost
we are paralysed with awe and anger
and fear silences the roots of any

[-] helpless, nothing else, simply helpless.

Friday, February 23


Tea anyone?
[*] Thats coffee actually, couldn't find the tea! But its Tea Time anyway. Oh...and thats toast bread with wild blueberry jam...and sometime you wonder how many wild blueberry trees would they scavenge to come out with a million bottles. There could not be that much 'wild' wild trees left. And it takes a hungry ghost to philoso'fy' food. Enjoy friends!

All Yee TV SMSers

There is this strange addictive phenomenon thats been taking over the masses for the past few years. And since last year the Indians in this country has been uncontrollably zombified into doing the same thing. Night after night these idiots finger their mobile telecommunication devices with the sole aim of seeing their messages scroll at the speed of light on the TV screen. All I can say is, you stupid buggers, why are you wasting your time and money doing something that has absolutely no benefit what so ever to you.

Can you imagine that the satellite TV channel 73 (during the Sun Music Show) of ASTRO actually airs SMS from lonely fat ugly adolescent to old hag idiots who try to debate whether Vijay or Ajith is the better actor. And why doesnt anyone ask why the Tamil channel premium sms is the most expensive among all the other language channels. And why the heck does the SMS pane covers 1/3 of the viewable area of the shows. Hey ASTRO, I'm not paying to see some IQ challenged bugger shout out about their puny dicks, you capitalist leeches. I bloody want to see the songs in full screen! Simple as that. And don't go on saying ' if you don't like it then don't subscribe' because I'm going to bloody sue you for the trauma and anger of seeing tiny people dance and sing on screen while the moderators (some attention freak biacthes who think taking care of the chat channel is the best thing next to orgasm). Hell, I'm going to sue you to share the advert revenues with us because its a pay channel! We dont pay for ads, we pay for content, so if you make money then we want the share of it. Hah! Lawyers and consumers take note, this is bloody logic!

The next thing thats insanely stupid is the SMS'er fighting over who can be friends with the moderators. Oh come on, they're back office workers, they're being paid peanuts, they're ugly people, they got no life! It hurts to see my fellow Indian Malaysians actually wasting their parents hard earned money on SMS to make some CEO fat rich. We are poor, discriminated against people. Stop wasting money! Stop SMSing ANY channel on Astro!

And for the last time, Sun Music is controlled by some Sun Music producer in INDIA! So stop bloody requesting for songs. Thats is so dumb. It shows you people are stupid. Thats not right. We Indians are smart people. So dont do that! We cant request for songs from Malaysia, because the show is delayed! Arghhh...dont you people know satellite transmission rules?!!!

And for the love of God, please, listen, when the buying stops, the killing does too! So STOP SMSing Sun Music on Channel 73 Astro. STOP STOP STOP! Please let me listen to Hema Sinha so sexily asking the call in viewers to turn down their TV volumes. Her laughter and unrivaled hosting capability is 2nd to none! I love you Hema...(and Divya...) be continued

Thursday, February 22

The Dead Rat and the Incense Stick

Most Tamilian's would know Dindukal Leoni, the famous contemporary Tamil talk show host. He explores many topics, turns our malaise into jokes and knows how to work his crowd. You can say he's the Tamil Letterman who can win the crowd without sneaking in any type of soft porn. But the point I'm getting to is the way he enlightens us on important points. Was watching his old shows the other day when he came up with the definition for the national budgets:
He said " the budget is a way to cover the smell of the dead rat by lighting the incense stick. They never want to remove the problem, so they mask it. The carcass of the rat will forever be there."
So the powers that be spend billions each year buying incense sticks, the most fragrant ones they can find and they blind our senses with the smell and smoke while the rotting rats pile up under the bed. On the bed we are on our little island peeking down only to discover the smoke and the beautiful fog mesmerizes us and we go to sleep.

Maybe its time we learn to solve problems rather than masking it. And the problem is not you and me, the problem is the system. We, the youth of the world has a clear idea of how it should be and how it should be done, but then the system is a juggernaut, a living thousand year old dinosaur. The system is an untouchable utopia of criminals and bloodsuckers. The pillars are made of steel that has rusted in ages but they have black magic veins that cant be cut off. They feed of stupid souls who never questions the extra penny of toll, or the monstrous gas prices. They are immune to activists and dreamers. They are made of rapists who fuck and rape feminists in the middle of the day on the street side while we watch. They are cultivators of hate and fear. We feel fear at night and hate the colors in the morning. By fear and hate these oppressors win, get rich and greedy. They want more each day while we wither and shrink into the pariah corners of the world where the enemy is not caste or religion but the vacuum of the living dead.

We must get rid of them. Today.

Wednesday, February 21


we live in the same world
and your stories are the same as mine
the steps we take travel the same path
beautiful days dawn at the same time
fall colors create the same paintings
don't we see the same sky?

Did you see this today?


3 Prime!

I accidentally tagged myself from Keshi's keshilicious blog. This is a 3 thing tag. I wonder when will someone ever come up with a 1000 thing tag and someone actually does it. :p
3 things you should know about the number 3
- 3 is like freakin famous in the Prime number world; read[Math_3]
- 3 is the number of primary colors that make up white in which world we can see colorful stuff such as M&M's, photos taken from Nikon camera's and Anime's (my life is complete)
- 3rd is the time when everything bad and everything good eventually happens to me.

3 things that scare me
- sometimes my own shadow
- my bank balance
- most of the Animalia world; insects, snakes, certain fish species, large crabs (unless I'm eating them), large dogs, flying animals of all kind, etc

3 people who make me laugh
- the dude in the mirror when I brush my teeth in the morning and pray its going to be a nice day
- the dude in front of the computer applying for job in the afternoon praying I will eventually get a job
- the dude praying to God before sleeping at night to keep away the ghosts
(yeh life sucks that much for this tag item to happen)

3 things I love
- food
- writing & photography (tied)
- humans (things?! heh :P)

3 things I hate
- when people say Whatever
- when people don't listen to me knowing that I'm right
- to waste food but I do most of the time

3 things I don't understand
- why and why and why people to flock restaurants day and night talking cock
- the changing colors of the evening sky (but they are beautiful though)
- why I suck in math

3 things on my desk
- my camera
- my cellphone
- a really stupid mouse pad that I bloody hate but lazy to get rid of and buy a new one

3 things I'm doing right now
- worrying about everything
- dreaming of Mars
- surfing the NatGeo site for a nice wallpaper

3 things I want to do before I die
- Sail the oceans
- Climb the mountains
- Go to India

3 things I can do
- sleep while being awake wishing that all the troubles of the go away
- get very very angry (inside)
- be very very forgiving to good people

3 things you should listen to
- the tiny voice inside your head or wherever it comes from saying ' It's enough, please stop now'
- Illayaraja's composition
- the sound of silence

3 things you should never listen to
- Politicians (yes they're are useless 'things')
- The mass media
- Religious zealots

3 things I like to learn
- new languages
- painting
- Mathematics (hahahahahaha!)

3 favorite foods
- Idli Sambhar
- Classic Indian Vegetable Curry (with fried salted fish)
- All sort of sandwiches

3 beverages I drink regularly
- Milo
- Tea
- Tea again (damn my beverages are boring...actually I wish I could drink Pina Colada everyday but it's not easy to get)

3 TV shows/books I read/ watched as a kid
- Hardy Boys
- AirWolf
- Transformers

3 people I tag
- the first commenter, the 3rd commenter and the 9th commenter for this post :D

Tuesday, February 20


There is no rain in space
so sad the day
it ends like this
there is no rain in space

[-]...and we continue to ask when will the day come when they appreciate our talents.

Friday, February 16

Frangipani Spins

lasted a day
the frangipani scent

striking electric compositions
under the blue moon night
in the full house coliseums
your music reverberated
distances and destinies
broken down to atoms
by grand journey musicals
songs and dances and kisses
of nomads and caravans of white
and flutes under petrified skies
under the stars in petrified forests
thunderous applauses and serenading roses

faint images in photographic plates
miracle women dissecting million images
in observatories of new age nomads
and supernova blasts in the skies
showering cities with night suns
and clocks ticking faster every second
days and humans aging not seeing tomorrows
particle accelerators discovers God
temples crumble under Science waves
when God was merely a particle
through dimensions
through forests all frozen
hope and desperation
just particles
of tomorrow

wake up
there's a new world
there's life
wake up
wake up...

[-] Its been long since I wrote a science fiction poem. This one tells the story of particles, the wavelike duality of particle mirroring life itself, of discoveries from the past, of tomorrow and also of the evolution of science.
[+] In the past century, women research assistants worked in observatories scanning millions of photographic plates of the sky and made original discoveries. They were called the women computers.

Thursday, February 15

February Travels

February took us deep into the Jungles of Kedah to the Sedim River. Sedim River is well know for its white water rapids and is know to be one of the best white water adventure spots in South East Asia. But since its the drought season, the water level has dropped massively!

Apart from that the Sedim Forest Reserve is also home to the Worlds Longest Tree Top Canopy Walk. I think the 10 bucks per person charge is tad bit expensive since the route is only about 1 km and after a while you get too much of the jungle.

[+] VirtualMalaysia Sedim
[+] AsianExplorers Sedim
[+] WorldIsRound Sedim

And the rest of my photos are in my Flickr Album
[+] Ghost Flickr Photos
(Travelers: Indran, BBD, Ghost, 630)

Nitin Sawhney

Hey...have you discovered this maestro? If not, then Do It Now! Find Him! Search Him One of my favorite Underground Fusion musician. Nitin Sawhney.
'From the homelands the legs wander to the edges of humanity the hearts clamber to the infinite stars the mind wander to the warm bed the soul stumbles to find solace'

Wednesday, February 14

Sick Rabbits

No one goes away to come back to say goodbye. They all stopped doing that back in 69. There were big storms in 79 and then the land of the upside down mountains started producing sunsets for the turitas and we all ran like little kids on red sandy beaches eating ice cream. The balloon smoke factories with mile high chimneys overshadowed the little candy shops and grandma tailor machines worked the midnight to feed the soldier ships to Britannia to fight of the funny mustache guy. Paratroopers, parachuter's and para gliders are not all alike, but they all did die that day so the candy shops were closed and red paint were smeared on the doors around the city to chase away the carrion demons from stealing all those bereavement food.

Funny feelings surrounded the book club that day because all they book they read seemed to carry encrypted messages of the same future and the landlords chased them away for the very last time before the bar was razed to ground. Somewhere a few blocks away another gathering took place where monkey wranglers and buffalo racers joined in to cheer the latest astronaut who landed on the moon and then came back with buckets of moon rock for the Smithsonian exhibit. Fearing that the bald headed triads will destroy civilization we have mushroom cloud makers drop cherry bombs on far away lands and it all happened on some wet season where the mud stuck like concrete to the boots and the whole village were in a shade of gray. The napalm burned clothes and policy makers dined on a posh dinner to celebrate Ben or Mark or Toby on returning from the million dollar sail boat sailing adventure around the world.

We all know good times wont return.

[-] If only I can understand 'why' I write these...

Monday, February 12

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.

Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose, and you allow him to make war at pleasure. Study to see if you can fix any limit to his power in this respect, after having given him so much as you propose. If to-day he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, — "I see no probability of the British invading us"; but he will say to you, "Be silent: I see it, if you don't."

The provision of the Constitution giving the war making power to Congress was dictated, as I understand it, by the following reasons: Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object. This our convention understood to be the most oppressive of all kingly oppressions, and they resolved to so frame the Constitution that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression upon us. But your view destroys the whole matter, and places our President where kings have always stood.
- Letter, while US Congressman, to his friend and law-partner William H. Herndon, opposing the Mexican-American War (15 February 1848)
- Wikiquote
Today is the birth anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most admired American President who ratified the Emancipation Proclamation to banish slavery forever. Generally we dont remember the deeds of great leaders unless there are music concerts or fireworks. Mom found this little info of his anniversary on the back of the Tamil calender.

To think back, and to think of the present, it is sufficient to say, we are taking big steps backward in ridding the world of tyranny and power plays. Sufficient to say again that the American people dont even remember of their revolutionary fathers when they sent their armies of foreign hunting adventures. And more so, on how the rest of the world feels when thousands are killed of war, famine and diseases everyday.

We are not blind, we are just lazy and ignorant.

Friday, February 9

Kafka Dreams

Kafka on reading;
I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we are reading doesn't wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? ...we need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.

Metamorphosis 4

How I wish I would wake up transformed into a bug and experience Kafka's world.

There are so many times in life that we shut our eyes to reality and wish for the impossible. We want to run away from the depressions of life, break away from the decaying days claws to see a new day, a new world. There is nothing wrong in that, everyone deserves to be happy but why lie to yourself? Why deceive the heart in thinking everything looks good, when it would only take a few minutes to realize the problem and let it dawn on you that changes are needed.

So the other day I met someone who told me its not all that's easy. I've been saying the same thing, nothing is easy, but we could make pathways, build bridges to make it easy. Then whats the problem, just do it. But to build bridges we need hands, lots of them. You see, the path of life takes people and power to build. The will to go forward comes when we have someone with us to realize that. A collective dream, collateral of thoughts and the bare soul to take us there. He did not make it big alone, but then he cant confirm to the fact that someone helped him. To climb the mountain and claim he did it alone is utter nonsense.

There will come a time, not the final days, but just any day when we realize that sitting there and looking back at life will not solve problems. We might learn something, we might cry and be depressed of the days we lost ourselves, but then tomorrow is just another day promising so many things, changes. So why can't we take the leap, why doesn't the door open to reveal the changes that we want? Why even when we try, nothing seems right? Answer me that world.






Kafka's world is not as weird as the critics describe. He wrote a poignant self portrait of everyone's inner demons. We don't want to tell people what we feel because we don't want to demotivate them, but when our very appearance tells the world what we are at the moment, why hide? Why don't we just change. Transform, transcend, (meta)morph?

[+] Something else; Do you guys find my blog to be dark and Gothic like? Dissecting the micro fabrics of our every day life and delivering the bare realities of living? The dark comedies of life? Or am I just pretending, :p Do you want more fun posts? Please do tell me.

The Ghost is Still Down

Okay...this sucks...never knew it would prolong for more than a week!!! Nothing helped, no salt water , no honey ginger tea, no medicine, no strepsils, no sleep. What I am having is a woozy head, sleepless nights, crazy dreams and generally very very bad days. God Help Me.

And for those who feel like asking me to shut my drama, please do visit; [Darfur].
And also here;[StandWithDarfur]
Things doesn't look so good for the world.

Wednesday, February 7

The fall of the mighty Ghost took a measly sore throat (which now turned into a class 5 disaster sore throat) to drive this ghost down. Food left untouched, wars abandoned, onions and broccoli rotting in the fridge, pages of Gaiman's American Gods fluttering helplessly under the fan, its master unable to read or digest, starring blank into the idiot box deep inside the cruel satires of Brit comedy and brainless sex-o-nymphs of MTV America. I'd say, the Blade Runner century is here....
[-] Strepsils DID NOT work!

Liverpool and the Future

Sometime ago this looked like a no-go, but finally it happened.

'Rick has told me of a Bill Shankly saying that `first is first and second is nowhere' and that sounds good to us.'

Well, Shankly got it right, the greatest football club in the world will remain the greatest for many seasons to come.

Welcome to the team Tom and George! We will welcome you the Scouse way, from the Kop End, from the players tunnel, around the stands, from our spiritual home - Anfield, chanting 'You'll never walk Alone', when we play ball, we we win cups, when we win the Premiership!

David Moores will become Honorary Life President, Parry will remain as the CEO.

Monday, February 5

Orion Pillars

two more days till midnight
along the seas, the stars infinite
dragging galleons in freedom fight
ravaged minds gazing mystified

we lived fighting for sunsets
hiding emotions in closets
serving tears during summer sets
awakening bodies when winter sets

funky blue eyes seeking love
skins, eyes, dark hairs and cloves
hidden aging in treasure troves
flirts of red and maroon of vanishing love

destiny seekers dance the street
cremation mongers wander the night
fiery demons, crying angels delight
both caressing strands of last hairs tonight

creeps, mutinies of the baby killers
doomsday weapons and mass murderers
reporters and teary TV viewers
simply an amalgam of yesterdays

fake smiles and miracle words
(like swords from candy clouds)
you would never think exists shrouds
of demon priests brainwashing crowds

maladies of generations black
skins, mouth and hearts black
words and touches and feelings black
even death and destruction in black

awakening, the soul sees the sky
the mind wanders with our bloods
the eyes questions evolution of stars
the heart cries silently for love and life

rhapsodies, travels and jingles
moonlights, sand dunes and tingles
majestic rivers, redwoods and jungles
rainy nights and memories lingers

-4.42 am, 4/02/07-
[-] This poem wasn't suppose to rhyme coz' I don't have the patience or time to carefully retrace and rework the words. And I basically don't know how to write great poems! But somehow it manages to stand on its own to convey what I feel right now. If you find the ones you like, let me know, if you hate them let me know, if you felt them, let me know.

[+] I am extremely busy with a lot of things. Hopefully will settle everything by Tuesday and be back more Thaipusam stories and also the Short Story winners. Cheers!

Thursday, February 1

(400th Post) Thaipusam 2007 - Day 1

The first day of Thaipusam 2007 was very hectic but certainly worth the waiting. Thaipusam could be the only religious festival that everyone wait for every year. Many of us over here observe it with great devotion and you could feel the spiritual power as well as the respect for the faith in its most glorious form.

More than a religion, Hinduism is based on beliefs and faith in goodness over evil. This basic tenet of religion underlines most of its festivals. And Thaipusam being a mainly South Indian festival is celebrated by millions of Tamils, and other races around the world in gay display of light, color and dance.

In its core, Thaipusam is the day when devotees pay their penance to Lord Murugan in order to face the days that come, to overcome hurdles in life, to thank the lord for providing a healing path in life and other daily undertakings.

January 31st was the first day of Thaipusam (commonly known a Cettipoosam). This year my brother and his friend took part in the procession to the Lords House, The Sri Subramaniyar Temple of Sungai Petani Kedah. My uncle carried the Kavadi along the 2 miles route while my brother and his friend pierced their body with hooks. Personally I dont have any comments on this practice, religion being a personal link between humans and God but one thing for certain exerting pain onto the body is not we pleasant thing to look at.

(Fishhooks with Orchids tied to it being pierced to the body)

(Pain or Connection to the Lord?)

(Again, pain or devotion?. The process is almost complete)

( A small Vel is pierced to the forehead. He's one brave guy, despite fainting twice. It's his first year doing this. He has to do it 2 more years to complete the cycle)

(The piercing is done, he will walk the 2 mile distant to the Subramaniyar Temple)

(Bigger hooks)

(Reaching, Kavadi)

(Various Kavadi's)

(Various Kavadis 2)

(Faces, Emotions)

(Kavadi's and Crowd)

(A chariot)

(Drums and dance)



(Thaipusam Fairies)

[Short Videos of the Celebrations]

[+] Today is the actually the main day of Thaipusam (1st February in Malaysia). More photos to come.

[+] The GhostParticleProject story writing competition is finally over and the judges already have the winners. I will announce them later. Please visit the blog to read the 13 stories and leave your comments.

[+] This is my 400th post, a big milestone for this blog, my writings and everyone who inspired me.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny