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It's time for the stupid New Years resolution again. Every day, every year we go around making demands to ourselves without realising that the answer is out there. There, hidden in this big crazy universe is something called a chance.

You know what...what I really need now is a chance. A damn, smack in da middle of something super-cool kind of chance. No, I'm not talking about luck or 'just do anything as long as you don't beg' kind of thing. Everyone out there had their chance, that one opportunity that brought the revelation that they needed in their life. The one micro second when everything changed and made them excel. Something that they liked to do. I don't believe in rags to riches stories, no, they all had their once in a lifetime chance that turned their life around.

I want that chance, I demand that from the world.

[-] The short stories are safely in the hands of the judges, Please give them some time, I bet work and study are taxing them enough. Hopefully by next week, the winner would be known and the stories be posted. Thank you for the support and patience.


alex said…

Maybe there is a chance in every moment of our lives.
starry nights said…
I think every one has a chance and deserves one.
Keshi said…
I agree with Starry!

Sometimes we have the chance but we dun see it...and sometimes we deserve the chance but we dun get it.

tulipspeaks said…
I like wht keshi has said. i think thats the truth.

Jeevan said…
Some tells i am luck to do it and get it, but the truth is they got a change to do it and get it. We need chance not luck.
Pauline said…
I like this post very interesting. I enjoyed the chance given no matter what the outcome. Wishing you a happy and chance filled new year!
Kavi said…
There is a chance and an opportunity ! All the time ! It depends on how we use it.

even better, we dont even know when one passes us by ! Thats the challenge !
Wish u get the desired chance asap :)
QUASAR9 said…
Hi Ghost Particle
Love the Metamorphosis
The New look of The header -

Aaah living for ever - is there any other way to live - but to contemplate All Eternity?
We all miss our chances.
Sojourner said…
may be we are given chances, but since that is not what we expected, we dont see them?
and if no one gives it, take it... survival..(of course, its not to make others pay)

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