Friday, January 12

Metamorphosis 2

Mr Ghost is plain old Sivanesan in real life.

Sivanesan is expected to get a job, buy a house, buy a car, get married, make babies, etc etc etc. Silly Sivanesan for not being able to do what all the other chaps did. Silly him for forsaking so many opportunities presented in his face for a dream. Silly Sivanesan for not being able to wipe out the gloom and glut of reality and focus on his dream. Condemn Sivanesan for not being able to find a job. Blame Sivanesan for not being a good role model. Screw Sivanesan for being so stupid. Deny Sivanesan for being a lazy bum in peoples eyes. It's a crime for Sivanesan not being able to do what his friends has done. Crucify Sivanesan for wanting to be different.

But for all this, has anyone stopped to encourage Sivanesan in his dreams? Has anyone just for a second thought maybe this guy has potentials, but they have to free him from all this emotional torment so that he can do his best. Would anyone stand up to defend Sivanesan because he dared to be different? No one did. Even when Sivanesan did so much to everyone, note that Sivanesan was not the bravest of them all, but Sivanesan did all he could. Is it Sivanesan to be blamed if people around him whom he helped so much back stabbed him, were cunning bastards without spine whose breakfast are someone else's blood. Didn't Sivanesan try? Didn't Sivanesan pay back all the gratitude and good fortune bestowed upon him?

When someone said, let the kids dream, let them do what they want, let them achieve what they want, the future is theirs, no kid stopped to ask a black and white of those statements. Same with Sivanesan. Now would someone stop imposing so many misfortune and emotional blackmail on Sivanesan and let him go on with his life! Would you please stop, God. Not that I don't thank you enough for saving my ass when I was flirting with destiny on the tip of a conquistador sword on the edge of the deepest valleys (a poetic moment, I find in desolate). Not that I dont pray to you everyday, its just that I know you are everywhere that I simply don't find the courage to summon you.

But dont every man and woman need a chance?


alex said...

You are the maker of your chances. :)

People will talk, let them talk.

You gave me the 'opportunity/chance' to write a story. :)

Nahuatl said...

Alex is right.

You suffer because you care too much.

From a bird's eyes.. you are trapped inside your own wall of grieves. Nobody is stopping you.

Sojourner said...

sivensesan needs to understand that the first thing about being different or even wanting to be different is that he has to be prepared to deal with being 'one of a kind' or 'one among a kind'... - generally: dealing with things, 'alone'. It may not be that harsh, but it is a possibility. I also think every one is one of a kind.
I trust you know all this. but often we are clouded by other things and that is where free advice comes in (so that you can hear it all and get fed up and finally decide that it is all generic anyway and finally its upto you, since you are THE ONE who can do anything about YOUR situation)
just try to see facts....just facts minus emotions and people involved and their we are left with: "for some reason, you are in this situation. If you do something else, you will be out of it." knuckle down and do the other thing (if need be, all alone and all by yourself...even if it is stupid... coz its your life, your choice and hec, it wil be your mistake, so what? its your life! and take it one step at a time...)
power to you!

Kavi said...

Sivanesa ! Thats a nice name !

The world will walk around throwing scrums at us. And everybody it could care for. But it is us, who have to walk away !

I speak for myself, and as i read your post, i am amazed at your wordplay and the profound impact it had. I read about Sivanesan, and your could just alter the name to Kavi !

No one stood up for me. I realised it was wrong on my part to expect someone would

When the trusted circle stabbed with their steely knives, they almost took away my spirit. Thankfully a small tissue remained which helped rebuild. They could be having blood for breakfast, but i realised it is not within my control to regulate that.

Every organism in the world needs a chance. And, i belive, after so much of torment ( which still is on), the best chances in life so far are the ones that i have created and taken.

I am no preacher nor am i a quintessential success. I am just an ordinary man who cares for the world and for peopel around ! Just like you !

Why dont you take a holiday and come here mate ! We need to chat up !

Jeevan said...

My Friend Sivanesan is like an encyclopedia, he knows every thing, he is very creative, and his dreams are very big!!

Hope u will get the chance to explore your dreams and wishes soon.

Nahuatl said...

Sivanesan is actually a chicken-shit, who blabbers here but is afraid to change himself. And he is damn lazy too... day dreaming.

Is it scary to see yourself different from what you were? Afraid of being a commoner? What is it that stops you?

Even if it means that you might hurt a few people when you go for your dreams, I say - do it. If they care about you, one day they will understand your needs. If they don't, they are not the ones who you should care about anyway.

I agree very much and am very impressed by Sojourner

alex said...

Sojourner said it! Absolutely!

Pauline said...

Dreams are good and often can be a goal in our lives. Be careful to be realistic in your objectives. Plan short term accomplishments and goals that allow you to feel happy. Then with joy you will walk toward your grander dreams and make them your reality!Wishing you joy and dreams that come true one day at a time!

Archikins said...

I have posted an extract from Craig Harper's blog that i received as a forward about Revolution vs Resolution ..states the obvious, but in an inspiring manner. Hope it triggers a Revolution in Sivanesan!!


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