Monday, January 22

The Ghost Man


Been busy saving the world (or saving the world from myself!).

Gimme a few days to recharge.

Be good, Do no Evil.


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Recharge and come back soon :)

Bytheway there is a tag in my blog. I felt you might be interested 2 write the tag :)

Pls have a look and feel free 2 ignore if you are not interested to write :)

Princess said...

Be Good, Do No Evil.

Good quote....

Princess Aiz.

Jeevan said...

Come soon with full charge bro:)

alex said...


Keshi said...

K then!


tulipspeaks said...


vazhve maayem...


Ghost Particle said...

oh my god i killed the cat!

starry nights said...

come back soon fully charged.Take care.

Vanathi said...


Ghost Particle said...

[ponna] i wrote the tag, did not name it though. :p

[princess] thanx Aiz! Actually i tink its in the line of googles moto.

[jeevan] thanx bro.

[alex] :P

[keshi] Thanx luv

[ammu] hallo toli. yenna athu?

[gp] sivanesan: dude, thats nagins cat!

[Starry] Hey! Thx dear!

[Vanathi] nandri toli.


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