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Freedom and Liberty

We shout and fight today for freedom, for justice and liberty. We think our voices and movements are compromised by evil alliances. We are held back, our basic rights are denied and the future looks bleak.

Where were we yesterday when it all started, or the day before when the signs showed it's brewing, or the day before that when the people who started it were born?

We are all guilty for giving birth to this ideology, and we all shall suffer the same fate, hanged, shot, bombed, raped, killed...

But we can change fate and rewrite destiny, if it's our will to do so.

Come together.


Princess said…
awaiting to experience world peace as reality - soon.
Marutham said…
So true...we ARE guilty!!
Hope u heard about the noida killings...
Let us just hope & wait for the WORLD PEACE to happen!!!!!!

PS:Btw, my post is somewhat a similar plea! :)
alex said…

Shiv said…
Yea..we are reaping wat we sowed!! Hoping Peace as such is achieved soon!!
Jeevan said…
I agree with u bro, we should join hands!!

We can change the fate and bring peace to our world, but some fate can't changed like me, who crave to get freedom from the Disable.
Brood Mode said…
gotta agree with u, it's all karma...
Keshi said…
freedom, peace etc cannot be forced upon...they have to come naturally Ghosty.


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