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Dude! Wheres My Mug!

I nearly forgot about this, but last year we had the International Post A Mug Week on the last week of January.

Read all about it here: [MugWeek]

And the results...
The Mugs Strike Back!

It’s been a great tag week and a successful one too. A lot of Bloggers jumped in and posted their mugs. I thank everyone who took part in the first ever International Post A Mug Week. This tool we call blogging provides us with a stage to share and communicate to people around the world. The idea is to create something unique periodically to contribute to the gathering of the minds and to let the readers appreciate what we did. Tagging have always been present in the Blog circles, and even before if you consider chain letters as tags, but I believe we get sick of it after a few million times. Why waste so much time on insignificant lists of equally insignificant things when we can create so much interesting stuff here. The whole idea of the Mug tag is to let Bloggers appreciate something that is present in their daily lives, something ordinary and common yet something that has stories to tell.

I loved all of the mugs that the Bloggers posted, be it simple, with pictures and or if it’s posted with their loved soft toys on their work tables. We see so many varieties and stories. I was touched by the mug post of Tarun Jacob. Tarun is suffering from cancer and successfully going through chemo therapy. He posted his chemo mug, as he calls it and I was struck by how such a simple thing could be a tool so important for some of us. It makes us think of the significance of our surroundings from the people we meet to the things we use. You can read his Blog here; [Tarun].

Elsewhere mugs started appearing from around there world. The influx of ceramic wonders as many calls it happened almost in unison and some great mugs were spotted. Nayan had funny funny mug here, and Lorena was among the first with her mug along with Bailey the dog. Still had an elegant blue mug, and Saty pickep a mug from Google...NOT FAIR bro!, Miladyssa had a nice tall mug, IcyBlue with a beautiful Pieces mug, Vanathi had some mugs from the net, Vidya had 2 excellent mugs...I liked the NY mug alot, a superb Nascar mug from Kerry...I love the indy500 race, Mike with his gotta love it!, Senthil with funny mug, loved Maruthams mug and hand shot :p, Jeevan with a nice glass mug, Tamilan with the classic tumbler!...I wondered who will put it, and thanx buddy for posting the great Indian drinking tumbler..., Frap gurl had a nice noir shot of a mug, Madelyn had a cool jack p toersons mug, Divya with a nice sunflower mug, and finally Ponnarasi with a nice Disney mug...thanx! I missed Scribz mug! She had a cool scary Halloween mug! Amutha, another blogger from Malaysia had a nice mug with a story.

And also I thank everyone who thought this idea was great and all the new bloggers who came to my blog and everyone that I might have missed...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Till next year folks, if you see any good mugs out there, GET IT!
So be ready guys...get your mugs all warmed up and get ready to be Mugged!


Jeevan said…
It's a great effort by blogger last year na! We are ready for it bro:)

Thanks for bringing all our Mug post here!! will check Tarun Jacob blog.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh u rembr ppl who posted their mugs as well???

Disney??? Mine???
starry nights said…
Neat idea for a mug tag.will try and do one.
Sojourner said…
I am not qualified for this:)
A very interesting set of mugs!
Ramya said…
This is good !
Let me find a place around here to get my mug printed !
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] thanx pa...jst wait!

[ponnarasi] yes its urs da!

[starryN] thanx dear and ill announce it at the end of the month!

[sojourner]yes you are...thers amug for everyone!

[ramya] get that done! thx dear.
Jason said…
i totally remember this! i was all hyped up about it last year for no reason. this year, it remains the same.

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