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Thaipusam 2007, Road to Thaipusam


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It's back.

And proudly, Human+Universe is the only blog that documents the Sungai Petani Thaipusam.

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Some videos;[2006-Sp-Thaipusam]

Stranger In Moscow (or on the roads)

I got into the train and everybody stares at me. I look at one direction which
turns out to be the correct direction and everyone still looks my way.

How does it feel when you know you're the only correct person in the
whole wide universe?

Well, first you loose all your friends, then you
hear voices in your head and finally you fall asleep.

You wake up, and you realize 50 years has passed and everyone you know has died.

You find half of the land masses under water, no tree in sight for a million miles and
you say "they're alive!".

Then you reach the one beautiful place, you take in a breath of fresh air, walk along the beach, with Maxwell's waves washing suicidal sand castles and tiny birds plunging into the sun.

Deep into
the night, after the bonfire and twinkling stars you fall asleep again.

Minus 60 years, in the train, minus 10 years from the start of the
story/ dream. You and her, holding hands, oblivious to Einstein staring at you
from him relativity rocket. The train on…

What May

Was watching Oprah yesterday (and almost everyday) and noticed that most of her audiences are white. This is not new, it's been mentioned before, but isn't it a tad bit funny for her championing the rights of the black people but finds herself sidelined by the very same people. Or maybe its just a very small percentage of them. Mistake me not, she does do excellent things, exposing the bare ugly evil of the American society and her works in Africa is noble as well. But in the end, what or who does she serve?

Or maybe it's just another Air Jordan effect. If it is, then the purpose is lost, Oprah.

A Future For Everyone

Now, we thought it would be a clear win for her, but then he came along. Now this are the two extremes of the same thing. We want the first female president, and we also want the first black president. But, just maybe, the female president would serve a better future for the world. A just world. But also, bear in mind that this is not a 'girl power' thing. This is about the cleaning up work to be done. This is about foreign policy. This is about a future worth living for and how America can redefine it.

Freedom and Liberty

We shout and fight today for freedom, for justice and liberty. We think our voices and movements are compromised by evil alliances. We are held back, our basic rights are denied and the future looks bleak.

Where were we yesterday when it all started, or the day before when the signs showed it's brewing, or the day before that when the people who started it were born?

We are all guilty for giving birth to this ideology, and we all shall suffer the same fate, hanged, shot, bombed, raped, killed...

But we can change fate and rewrite destiny, if it's our will to do so.

Come together.

The Evolution of Death

Among the many fears, the fear of death grips us since we become concious of the world. Was trying hard to get the thought out of my mind when I saw a horrible accident yesterday. The lifeless human body, lay insignificant on the ground which is not alive either but momentarily looked majestic and powerful. We are insignificant.

the dances of Death,
knows no heartbeat,
relates to no feelings,
consumes sanity,

Death is Beautiful

Retracing love, years gone by
Silent soft wind, embracing cold skin
Liquid night, flowing sensual, almost
Strings vibrating, melodies actually
Golden touches, piercing memories
What music, makes me remember this
if not the music of passion, elegy
notes in blood, voices of death.

Dancing lilies, under the moonlight
satin fabrics, not real, not a lie
From afar, a mysterious glow
light, the enemy of night, crawling
Traces of wild, green leaves black
Now and forever night, death grips
Waiting eternity, but not moonlight
only mortal souls, and immor…

January Travels

Snaps from my January Travels with Vj and Nagin. The photos are taken around Sungai Petani, Tanjung Dawai, The Pedu Lake and elsewhere in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. For the full collection of January Travels please head to my Flickr Page [Ghost]. (Photos are preprocessed using Paint.Net)

[-] I am hoping to publish the winners of the short story contest next week. I am still unable to get hold of the judges who are definitely not free at the moment. But I promise to publish the stories by next week. Sorry and Thank you for your patience.

Metamorphosis 3

If life is as easy as dropping things you're doing right now and morphing into something else, someone new, then I would be a changed man by tomorrow. But life is not that easy. I appreciate the comments in M2, especially what Sojourner said. In reality and in dreams, the best thing is to do it first, to get your hands dirty then face the future. Kavi was true to say that what really happens, even though we want so much and desire so much but we can only have so little (and definitely I will meet you soon for a chat!). But I think Nayan struck the right cord here. Sivanesan in real life is a coward to face reality. I tried so much, sometimes numbing myself to death, unable to wake up in the mornings to face the day. But all this is because the opportunities are scarce and the winners are who suck up the most. It's not that I dont want things to be good, I want to get the right things. Thats the most important metamorphism that anyone can want. Even when you beg for food or att…

Metamorphosis 2

Mr Ghost is plain old Sivanesan in real life.

Sivanesan is expected to get a job, buy a house, buy a car, get married, make babies, etc etc etc. Silly Sivanesan for not being able to do what all the other chaps did. Silly him for forsaking so many opportunities presented in his face for a dream. Silly Sivanesan for not being able to wipe out the gloom and glut of reality and focus on his dream. Condemn Sivanesan for not being able to find a job. Blame Sivanesan for not being a good role model. Screw Sivanesan for being so stupid. Deny Sivanesan for being a lazy bum in peoples eyes. It's a crime for Sivanesan not being able to do what his friends has done. Crucify Sivanesan for wanting to be different.

But for all this, has anyone stopped to encourage Sivanesan in his dreams? Has anyone just for a second thought maybe this guy has potentials, but they have to free him from all this emotional torment so that he can do his best. Would anyone stand up to defend Sivanesan because he dare…

I have to Loose weight

I must loose weight, I must loose weight, I must Loose weight, I mut Loose Wight, I mst Looze weit, I must loose bait, I must loooose wait, I Must loose weighty, Loose weight I must, Must, Weight Loose, I, I Loose weight must, Must I loose weight? Weight must I loose, Loose must I weight? Weight, to be or not to be, Weight is like a box of chocolate, Looze Z Weights...Ze Weight, the weight must be plutoed, I see weight people, I smeel weight people, Loose the I feel Hungry...


It's time for the stupid New Years resolution again. Every day, every year we go around making demands to ourselves without realising that the answer is out there. There, hidden in this big crazy universe is something called a chance.

You know what...what I really need now is a chance. A damn, smack in da middle of something super-cool kind of chance. No, I'm not talking about luck or 'just do anything as long as you don't beg' kind of thing. Everyone out there had their chance, that one opportunity that brought the revelation that they needed in their life. The one micro second when everything changed and made them excel. Something that they liked to do. I don't believe in rags to riches stories, no, they all had their once in a lifetime chance that turned their life around.

I want that chance, I demand that from the world.

[-] The short stories are safely in the hands of the judges, Please give them some time, I bet work and study are taxing them enough. Hopefu…

Red Phoenix Down

I've supported LiverpoolFC for almost 15 years now and I still feel numb every time they loose. I simply cant accept it, no Scouse can ever accept it. But even in the dire moments, when everything goes wrong, when the miracle workers don't quite make the right acts...there will always be the Anthemreverberating through Anfield, Liverpool and through every single true Reds fan out there. The Phoenix shall rise again.
... When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone
- Liverpool Football Club Anthem

BBC Entertainment

Oh thank God for BBC Entertainment. My God, I never knew we missed so much after watching this channel. Pure British genius of an entertainment channel!!! Go fly kite you Americans with your shopping channels, the read deal is here! And guess who I found in Broken News...the superbabe Indira Varma! time to elaborate, I gotta go continue My Family, Absolutely Fabulous and Broken News...of course. BBC ROCKS! All Hail da Queen!

Dude! Wheres My Mug!

I nearly forgot about this, but last year we had the International Post A Mug Week on the last week of January.

Read all about it here: [MugWeek]

And the results...
The Mugs Strike Back!
It’s been a great tag week and a successful one too. A lot of Bloggers jumped in and posted their mugs. I thank everyone who took part in the first ever International Post A Mug Week. This tool we call blogging provides us with a stage to share and communicate to people around the world. The idea is to create something unique periodically to contribute to the gathering of the minds and to let the readers appreciate what we did. Tagging have always been present in the Blog circles, and even before if you consider chain letters as tags, but I believe we get sick of it after a few million times. Why waste so much time on insignificant lists of equally insignificant things when we can create so much interesting stuff here. The whole idea of the Mug tag is to let Bloggers appreciate something that is present i…

The Shadow

what shadow crosses there
that seek no recognition of time
of moments and of grounds
but not the person

where we come from if not
the shadow that crosses ages
because the progenitor is one
the sun and the stars

[+] Inspired by Nayan's tributes.

-the ghost of you- short story contest

I have received about 14 stories which was forwarded to the judges. You can still send in the stories, the results will be out hopefully next week. This erratic network prevented me from uploading the stories to its proper site. Will be doing that soon also. Thanks for all who have sent the stories.

Net Meltdown

It seems it will take a few weeks to repair the damaged undersea cables and restore the internet to it's old cool self. Hence please forgive me if I don't visit your blogs often.


This is a snapshot from ~800 feet above the Pedu Lake in Kedah. 2007 is a Visit Malaysia Year and we have a lot to offer for tourists. The lake is dotted with a few resorts, the most prominent being the Mutiara Pedu Lake Resort.

Visit Malaysia, Trully Asia.

[+] Visit Malaysia

[+] Visit Malaysia Year 2007