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Happy New Year 2008?

Okay...i have no one clock showing the correct time...well...i think its already 12...there's fireworks everywhere...
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2008...hope it's a memorable one...

Why Celebrate?

Who knows? I think all the fun is in being with friends...and sweating! my best friend for today...Southie...
Damn im turning into a drunkard...this is like so fulfilling the Indian prophecy... :(

T minus...oh who cares!

Channel surfing...and it gets worst by the year. Every countdown is so damn clichéd...the worst one is on MTV...ugly VJ's...stupid programming (no one since Donita....the only one the one and only...Donitaaa...where art thou?)....and Channel V Beautiful VJ's...stupid programming...did they miss the whole damn thing? Or waz it banned in this good ol country?....oh wait no it didnt! David La Chappelle's'Rize'?!!! Fuh that reads cool...gonna watch that. Tokyo Godfathers on anime for the soul! And passed through the lamest food channel documentary...nothing exciting on EZPN and STarZSports...nothing since Swine Goran Assricson parked a routemaster in his Dbox. Feel like wishing capitan wonder Gerrard a Happy New year...but hate him for missing all that shots...fudge. A horrendously bad (worst than the bad ass cloverfield monster) program just started in AstroVaanavil...oh my god its that b**** host girl....goddammitVanavill...u guys did it again...dont you…

T minus some 1 hour plus before 2008

I didnt know countdowns could be this boring...when you're dead tired. Gonna shout out a special New Year wish to that French guy on the commuter reading a French book on Musical Notes...
bonne année
this person managed to smile to everyone on that horrendous commuter my countrymen had the same candor and spirit in deep...smelly situations...
so whats missing in our lives? A smile and a open heart to take every situation and turning it into positives...and I mean Every! situation...

T minus...uh...2 hours and 55 minutes to 2008

In a car for 6 hours, waiting for sumone outside a bank for 1 1/2 hours, meals twice in 2 hours at the same restaurant with two different gals...stuck in a jam for 2 hours...stuck in a train with 3 million people and sweating for 1 hours....home blogging about the new year year countdown that I wont go too...wastedddddddd...
Happies Nu Years...Tuuuuu-oooo---oooo---yate.

T minus 4 hours to 2008

On the radio...

Dude: hi! wohooo I got through...
Female Dj: hey! cool wasup! You are our lucky calleeeerrrr!
Dude: Yeh....yeh... end of the year...
Dj: so where will you be celebrating?
Dude: I dont know...many invitations...KLCC....The Curve....Hartamas....Bangsar....Bukit Bintang....etc.
Dj: Cool! So which is you special choice...?
Dude: Ermmm...
Dj: Must be where the best girls are right...:D
Dude:'s going to be a guys only thing...
Dj: Whoa! Stop right there....I dont want to go into this weird thing...Happy New year...Bye!
Dude: uh...ok Happy New Year.

Bahahahahahahha! Happy New Year....

On the Road Again

"Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves." - Bertrand Russell

[#] Bback right before 08!


How do you mend a country made up of religious tyrants? How do you mend a world made up of religious tyrants?

RIP for all the concerned.

[#] Thx 2 Vj 4 d wkeup cal. Dmcracy is jst a wrd. Nw I sleep wit Nitemares.

Obsessions of the Maroon Star

Stars so bright.

In a million day(s) or two I will be there, my love.

Strings of matter, or maybe the powers of the universe. Climatic, epic scenes everywhere in every galaxy I passed. Spending seasons on the beaches of long dead civilizations I too try to sleep a bonfire on the ancient shores with glass waves. It is never the same. I am human, I have left earth on a journey never to end.

Ghost, is that you...why are you here?

I...I came looking for you. I need you.

But you are immortal now, you don't need me. You can explore the multi-verses and seek new life.

Tears. No I don't want to...

As the apparition dissolved into the morning fog, the endless beach and the alien lighthouse relic charts the rising sun. So much of similarity, so much of details I have seen before. I wonder how did this world die, it has no traces of pollution or even a disaster. All over the path, in the local galaxies that I visited there are seldom life. Only scattered human colonies in the planets of the dec…

<<<<<<<-- Ho Ho Ho

[#] Wishing for the impossible...for this Xmas I want a Zune 80 :D

At the Edge(s) of Sanity

How do you go places?

In living the lives of others, do we forget that they started from us, from our lives too in a different existence, in a past life.

What I reflect today is the mistakes I made in the past 5 years, the decisions I did not make, the paths I did not take and the friends I did not make. But I know I took the right path being here today, for better or for worst, this is where I want to be. Just need to move further and clear a few more hurdles before the reflection reflects a new destiny.

Life, we think we know it, but we don't. the roads, we think we know it but we don't, the heavens we think we know it but we don't, the others we think we know them but we don't, what we know is that the future is certain. Destiny is everything.

What has religion given me, what has religion caused me to be. What has religion turned into, is a shield, a protection where rapists and good Samaritans gather to be one, they who are right and they who are wrong is the same in…

TED | Talks - Lakshmi Pratury

Wacth this fascinating video of Lakshmi's TED talk, the lost art of letter writing.

I've read a few books of letters compilation from V.S. Naipul and Richard Feynman. There's so much emotion, power and innocence you can find in letters compared to emails or texting. Something deeper and soulful goes into the letters, be it a love letter, a sad tale, a story worth reminding or telling, letters are indeed a cultural and human art form.

[#] From Lakshmi's interview "Q: What should a multicultural woman do to grow as a leader? A: I have always felt being a woman is an asset, being brown is an asset, having an accent is an asset. The thing that is most intrinsic to multicultural women is that they have great cultural sensitivities. Be comfortable with who you are and understand that you have an edge." Lakshmi Pratury interviewed on

What say you, shall we write letters?

[#]Further info on Lakshmi
[+] TED Ideas worth spreading.
[+] Invincibelle Inte…

2005 to 2050

3 years of mind bending, reality distorting, time traveling ride to the ends of the world and the universe!
43 years more to's going to be the adventure of a Lifetime!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Everything that could go wrong is doing so...slowly. Sometimes solutions doesn't present itself, and even if you try to find it, try hard, you wont. Where do you search then, and will you be patient enough so that it comes looking for you? If it ever will.

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?
Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

[+] Listen closely and there's a mix of What a Wonderful World in the middle of the song.
[+] British 6 year old singing sensation; Connie Talbots version of the song.
[+] Lyrics

Strange Days

5:36 PM me: the weirdest thing happened 5:56 PM Vijay: what damn long meeting im sapped me: i was sleeping right then i woke up i heard all this Buddhist chanting and the gong beating all la i tot i was dead Vijay: damn! then really chanting ah me: i was happy for heavens sake i was happy 5:57 PM i looked around then i took my cellphone there were no battery and i tot it was real :D 5:58 PM Vijay: so u were dreaming or awake? me: i woke up and walked to the window ...then i saw some idiot watching tv at the shop below what a waste dude ceh ceh Vijay: oh heheheh 5:59 PM me: but it was so surreal man i was like floating and all the chanting was strong u c Vijay: obe me: obe? 6:00 PM Vijay: out of body experince me: yeh like always but for a moment i thought all my thesis problem was gone

[#] I wish...heh. This lucid dreams are driving me nuts...but i love them!

Tropics of the Legends

Having to endure the worst possible start of the week (Liverpool lost to MU), and finally realizing that the unpublished photos are clogging my dying hard drives, and successfully breaking the shackles of procrastination, I present to you a photo journey into an island getaway...full of women, booze, greens, mountains, animals, crustaceans, half nekkid ghosts and beaches (some items are for dramatic purposes only and might not appear in the pictures).

Langkawi...tropics of Legends.

Langkawi Geopark (52nd UNESCO Geopark in the world) is made up of 99 beautiful Islands, scattered in the Andaman Sea bordering Thailand to the North and situated on the coast of the State of Kedah, Malaysia.

Langkawi is an island of Legends, many ancient tales from Indian history and the region have references to the Island. But the local legends are the one that catches the imagination most. The biggest town of the Island is called Kuah; the center of business, hotels, and where the Jetty is. Padang Matsirat

The Colony of the Deceased

Holy crap! that a baby?!

Yes kid...

How did he...she...I mean how did it survive this?

Miracle, Ray... It is a miracle! Jared...lets get this over with fast. Don’t want
those firemen snooping around this again...

Ok doc.

What are those noise?...Its talking? Those voice patterns...

Infinite voices, weird ones...Tell me can measure everything in this
world...But how do you measure them---your voice?

You should not be asking this question, you're the scientist.

Science can look into anything...but something’s out there are just too big...too vast to learn even...Voices are permeating through the fabrics of time they
say....Romantic...until you guys came along. Supercomputers and quantum logic...

It doesn’t matter...I just can’t explain what’s happening here...the babies..? It's true what the Chief said isn’t it? All this security....time travel and babies?

You can’t explain that one for sure...but this is not the …

Fotón Moments

through the glass
looking across the horizon
it was not the sun piercing
nor photons defying physics
it is you
in the moments

in the future
she always asked
how would it be like
to live
at the centre for the galaxy
with a million stars around us
photon dreams

a million stars
along the roads of the 70's
littered with flickering lights of resistance
travels a mechanical human
seeking surviving souls
in the wastelands
of war

'what do you want today'?
she asked
as daylight faded into darkness
like sunsets from younger days
all are now aging
I said
'nothing... just a goodbye'

unbind me
from this sadness
raindrops on seasoned leaves
contains a microcosm
of caustic reflections
serving scarred imaginations
binding me in this dreams
of no hope
such are the navigating photons
in the endless universe

[#] The struggles of the human mind in a turbulent world. The destiny of the photon illuminated humans.
[+] Fotón_1, Fotón_2


All my life I never thought linguistics will become my career choice. It has become so. I am a Translator. This path makes me greatly appreciate languages. The schooling system I came from doesn't explore Latin or Spanish or the French languages, we are simply equipped with out mother tongue and a few other local languages. We evidently speak more languages that we can write. We sometimes can read some languages but cant speak them or write them. The question is, are words and written languages more important than spoken language? Will we ever be able to say that it's enough to understand what is being said rather than learning to write it and explore the literature that serves as a backbone for such languages.

Because the dynamics of words are changing, the short form SMS lingo is slowly invading our daily transactions. Then there are abstract words, and also Languages that don't have their own scripts. I pity these languages, they are like words without souls. They are mo…


Zodiac is a brilliant movie, worth the over 2 hours running time. It's another classic by David Fincher. While lacking the intensity of his Se7en, this film is spotless because the actors are masters of this movie. The Zodiac murders are still unsolved, well you'll know why if you watch the movie, but I bet if it happened in today CSI-esque world, the murderer would have been caught.

It seems Fincher will be directing Rendezvous with Rama, my favorite SF from Arthur C Clarke. There was a time I thought this story is simply unfilmable, it is too vast, the whole series spanned 4 books and had themes so big that sometimes you wonder if today's SF's are just piles of pop-corn crap. We'll wait and watch for the 2009 release.

[#] Next in line is Snatch, All The Presidents Men and Tekkon Kinkreet (anime). And yeh, work...on a weekend. Sigh...

Oh...and you were saying?

Funny vid...

[Via Karthi's site]

The real enemy of the latest dot com bubble is not hype (well apart from the hype) it's the technological singularity. The one that makes us say...okay...what's next? And then next and next and next and what?

So now, I'm going to value my humble blog at USD 10,000,000. Yes, the big 10 million, it's for I bet this will last through the burst... :-)

[#] Liking this 2 minute posts...Gmail is spanking new, but Blogger is acting up, comments are not delivered into ze mail boxes. Sorry for not dropping by guys, will try this weekend. Hugs.

End Times

During the judgment day(s), God will ask you why you became a murderer. And you will have to tell him its because of your master and his ideals. And your master's life will end. And you will be sent to hell. A soul departed, a soul tortured. For all the atrocities you did on earth. You could have killed your master, and spared the lives of the innocent. Solutions are simple, follow the right path and you will find the truth. For all else, even time wont flow. That is the rule of the universe. Information is Entropy. Information is God. [#] Tales from a Different Time.


Surangani goes places. Unbelievably hilarious, a video with a message to the tune of Surangani.

[#] Surangani is one of the most famous of the Sri Lankan Baila songs. One can say it is timeless, it transcended borders. I've learned Surangani during my Boy Scouts years, and today it has morphed into many forms, but the spirit remains. Do listen to other Baila songs (list in the Wiki page). Seignore is a popular song from the award winning Maniratnam movie KannathilMuthamittal , with Baila style composition by ARRahman. Video below;

[#] More Baila songs from Sinhala Juke Box.
[#] The Surangani song is via Ammu's Facebook Funwall. Say Keshi, do you know any Baila songs?

[Update] [+] If you've been having the blogger image posting bug, where after posting, when you click on the image to make it big a prompt pops up, there here is a temporary fix for it;[ACE_Blog]. This problem started a few days back, I noticed it yesterday.

December 1st | World AIDS Day

Genocide, Lost Worlds

the silent ridges of humanity
drown the greatness of the Rockies
melting snow feed the rushing rivers
humanity never woke up
it was a summer winter night
the clash of two season
the battle of many civilizations

fleeting moments of flickering lights
light up a dead memory
emotions from dead streets
where we wandered searching
for a humanity lost
in the gutters of history
from the tallest mountains
we watched your kind
live desolate days and months

the silent ridges of humanity
but we still heard them
their emotions are unbearable
as the blood that flow on their streets
from their hand, from their brothers veins
they kill and torture for religion
they lost their way
on the serene nights
along the trails of the Rockies

makeshift huts dotted the trails
mysteriously hanging
between clouds and mountain edges
just like their emotions of compassion
rare but existing in their forsaken minds
Sagittarius sparkles along the trails
into the night we walk
never to return to the same moments
of carnage
its our wish and hope



This is a snap from the movie Billa 07 (Ajith, Namitha, Nayan), a remake of the classic Rajini starer Billa. Billa itself is a remake of Big B's Don (again, remade starring Shah Rukh Khan which came out last year). The songs for Billa 07 are average, and the movie is mostly shot in Malaysia (just like Don). Somehow I think it's going to bomb...but hey, it's Ajith as Billa and Rajini gave his blessing and Namitha...enough to distract Tamil movie fans from 'street protests'. Come to think of it, if we had some police women commando like Nayantara (pic above)* I will go for any street protest! BTW, please read the plot in Billa 07 wiki, you're going to love it. My advice is, watch this movie, then watch Shah Rukhs Don and realize the real babes are in the Hindi Don, and then to cleanse yourself, watch Rajini's Billa. And have some Southern Comfort at it to sleep it all off.

* Lucky woman, to be standing on a police patrol car like that...wonder how much they pa…

At the height of stupidity

Probably you have read this;British 'teddy' Teacher in Sudan Court. It's not a joke, it's another stupid attempt by fundamental religious bastards to deny a persons basic freedom of expression. What's worst, this is so illogical, how could naming a toy with a prophets name be blasphemous when there are millions of humans out there with the same name? Why don't they gather them and put them in jail? Who copyrighted the name to the house of God? Sudan's attempt to uphold religion is a farce, just look at what they're doing in Darfur. Hope justice prevails, but not in Sudan certainly and not in most of the Islamic countries. Just hope the International community does something because if convicted the teacher will be jailed and flogged in public. I guess Britain would just sit it's ass on this considering the non existence actions it's taking about Darfur anyway.


This is not the truth. Today the truth cant be written. We are made to write lies. Lies are suggested to be good for a united existence. Lies also paves the way for corruption to flourish. Like flowers. But flowers wither and fall. But not corruption. Not politicians bastardizing the country. Not them. This is a truth, but no, I cant write the truth. Even when there are graphic images of the truth. Even when the whole existence saw the truth. Even when our brothers and sisters from miles away saw the truth and wanted to do something about it I can't write the truth anymore. Truth Kills. But when the time comes, all information will permeate existence. You and me will see the same and hear the same. Then the truth doesn't need to be written, it will flow. The consequences will destroy the lies. Are you ready?


The Nights are never cold
The days painfully unfold
The definite freedom
never tonight
You and me shall never see
another daylight


Everyday I recollect
the paintbrush patterns
on the bathroom walls
where I hide the nights
during the nuclear winter
where even the mornings
are nights
I hide.


It happened the other day
the whirling electron
jump out one by one
from the TV mirror
spinning out of control
into wells of probability
the universe with no urgent response
let them live all night
decaying only when morning comes


[#] Tales from Another Reality

Malaysian Indians (3)

...Malaysian Indians under mental siege.

The fallout of the peaceful protest that turned violent yesterday continued to reverberate around the country, the mainstream media and the blogs. The mainstream media provided a version of the report that to an extent showed how the authorities controlled the crowd, which it deemed is illegal and provoked the authorities. In a legal perspective, even if there are provisions in the constitution where peaceful gatherings can be done in this country, this 25-11 gathering is Illegal. The organizers have not been given a police permit, even the appeal has been rejected, and a court order has been obtained against the organizers and participants. Basically, for the record and for the readers knowledge, this is an Illegal march. There is no other way about it. But there remains an important question, how and why did this many Malaysian Indians gathered from all walks of life from around the country?

There have been many claims of Malaysian Indians bein…

Malaysian Indians (2)

[Update] This article reflects what the Malaysian Indian community should be doing rather than taking to the streets. Many might not agree, but then it is a start for all of us.
Change must come from within ourselvesCOMMENT
At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the Indians whether they want to do better for themselves and their future generations. Street protests are definitely not the answer.
[Read Full: The Star - Change Must Come From Within Ourselves]

[Update - Batu Caves] The whole day I was searching for news on what happened at the Batu Caves temple complex. This is what happened []. The riot police fired tear gas into the temple compound, after locking the protesters inside (?!). Why is there no respect for my religion in this country? Isn't it enough that they mock us Hindus? That they tease us for praying to stones, that they laugh at us for wearing the Thirunur/ Vibuthi? That they continue to demolish temples? Is it wrong that we have the olde…

Malaysian Indians

[Update 8 pm] The Tv3 news reports that around 200 person is still held at different detentions centers. No mention of injuries to the protesters, but some Police officers were injured in sporadic confrontations. And the weirdest thing is that it seems the organizers of the rally simply 'faxed' the petition to the British Embassy! Is this march/rally/protest lost in translation because of bad organization, no planning and definitely because it went against the law? You can see how confusing this is being a few hundred miles from KL, I wonder if even the people in KL knew what really happened? Certainly there are other ways to claim what the Malaysian Indian community needs, and certainly protests are not the way, but yet again this is a minority community without a voice and it's only leader within the ruling government doesn't seem to be able to help every Indian any more. In many ways, by doing a 'race' based rally, it had brought danger to the community itse…