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Stealing Sinatra

Do I look fat? I like blue shirts, so it's not his eyes that I'm talking about. But would have done a killing if I had blue eyes. And another week ended, and spending five days in a resort hotel did not ease my tension or pressure or anything. It was hectic! Everyday! And worse, you grow out of the food in one or two days, then you'll crave for a burger!

Thanx a million for all the birthday wishes. Everyone remembered, even web machines and robots. ( I nearly forgot!). I turned 27 yesterday. Could be the saddest thing in my life thinking what I've achieved in the past 27 orbits around the sun. The best part of the whole thing is, my bloody enemy send me birthday greetings and the clowns who 'wished me' last year never did this year. So goes life, squeezing every drop of soul out of you and leaving you to rot under the blazing sun. And I just found out from BBC that I am a climate refuge! Yes, people who are displaced of climate changes. See, now I will be late t…

A Million Small Changes

Off to somewhere far for a project to change the future of the next generation. Imagine doing something for half a million students!!! Something that this country really needs, and something some people are ready to do.

Will be away for 1 week. I'm praying for Internet there, but no high hopes.

Thank you so much for the excellent comments on the previous post. Will reply all soon. And still, if you have a solution, I am there for you, lets charge ahead together.

Please do check out Jay's blog on Darfur:
Stand With Darfur

Love all, peace to the world.

A Million Lifeless Words

...came home late last night and switched on the automatically went to CNN...and the UN general assembly was in session, airing live. Switched to BBC, Bloomberg and a dozen other channels before settling back to BBC. The was a military coup in Thailand. The American President was delivering his speech at the UN. Apart from the usual 'Trust in God we will' and trashtalking other countries, Prez Bush continued to give advice to the people of a half a dozen nations. Something funny, the most powerful man, with the worst foreign policy ever in human history advising other sovereign countries to behave. The Thai Prime Minister had declared a state of emergency a few hours back. Bush moved on from Iraq to Iran to Lebanon to Israel and Palestine, then Syria and finally Darfur. Democracy to the world. CNN shows images of tanks and military vehicles on the roads of Bangkok. Tourist and locals taking pictures. Local telly shows not more than 30 seconds of the news of the cou…

The Nuremberg Codes

(and saturday blueberry cakes)

Saturdays turned into another zombie fest. Its not enough that I switch off my brain Monday to Friday, but Saturday too...Saturdays I'm sold to the devil. Sometimes I imagine of the Nazi human experiments during world war two. Some flashes of gory mangled human bodies, I imagine, sometimes on the way to work, while watching movies, while eating my customary Saturday blueberry cakes. Some other times I wish I was there to shoot and kill those Nazi bastards who did all this. So after the mass murder, mass euphoria, mass protest and mass trials, came the Nuremberg Code which sets a set of rules for human experimentation. Its an informative read, just follow the link. The rest is fiction.

So a few hundred thousands years after evolution, humans decided to accelerate evolution and experiment on their counterparts. Part of the legalized experiments, in the doctors fraternity was to pluck the eyes off some lonesome tourist on a backpacking trip around the wor…

Star Sailors and Nomads

tapering, waning light rays
encircle the poles
mighty and majestic
aurora blue and green
snapping molecules
faint infant sounds
of baby particles born

eccentric sailors
on ageless boats
with solar sails
to the edge of the universe
with dying memories
and wasting souls
to meet

the earth
remembered them
for centuries
fate of time travellers
and nomads
written in fables
read by future children
escaping destiny
under star trails
in northern deserts
on distant planets

[-] Describes how the writers mind can travel to the edges of existence, to conjure up great stories to satisfy wanting souls. A tribute to all science fiction writers everywhere.
[-] Pluto 2 wont be online just yet, so busy these days, wait a while dear friends.

Gp's Back Pain Thursday

[should not be mistaken with ass-pain or pain in the ass]

I'm under medication, heavy doses of some drug that claims to heal back pain, and will work for 6 hours non-stop. After which, the pain comes back.

I am in office, it's lunch hour and I'm on a self imposed diet coz I weight 92 kg's now.

I have loads of work that needs to be done today, but I managed to successfully surf the net for 5 hours straight.

My contract is extended for 3 months, but I dont want to work here anymore.

I cant wake up at 6 am every day anymore. I dont want to wake up at 6 am everyday anymore.

There's so many creative cool people out there, and they make me feel like I'm a slime mould on some rock somewhere in Guyana.

My India trip looks so unrealistic now because I dont have enough cash, havent finished my thesis and my clan thinks I'm joking.

I feel like wacking every couple I see walking around/ hugging and/ or kissing at the mall during the weekends.

I wish I had time to read all the b…

Pluto, The Last Stand ( Year 1)

Houston, we’re proceeding to close the hatch. Shuttle Commander confirms the hatch is sealed. Over.
Verify hatch close, hatch seal. Phoenix sealed. Crew proceed to evacuate launch area. Over
All systems go in t-minus 70 minutes, skies clear Houston.
Skies clear, Fred. Sail bright. Mission Control in standby, t-minus 69 minutes.
Thanks Ben. See you in the future.

That’s Fred’s famous words. Space scientist, shuttle commander, poet and progressive rocker from Sintra. The world’s best shuttle pilot on a routine mission to the Titan Base. The year is 2032. The drama is a month away. We would never know what hit us.

Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean (week one)

Half a way across the globe, Mark and GP are busy punching numbers into the soft screen. The holo-map is constantly flickering and the crackle of charged particles drowns Lennon in the background. The decades old I-Pod still works like a charm, especially after Peters major ‘operation’ on it a year ago, changing its fuel cells with a c…


Information Warfare!

From the darkest corners of the universe, comes a website, bigger, bolder and electrifying.
Elektromind. Promoting A Better Future, With Information Warfare! [-] Anyone who wants to be a part of this webservice, we need developers, freelancers and article writers proficient in everything about computers and electronics. Drop us an email at [ ]. We are going online fully on January 1st, 2007. Trial site will be up on October 1st the earliest.

Anti-Pasta, Sienna Brown, Shoe-Face and A Derby Lost

(How the weekend Kicked My Ass)

What could I say, I was bullish when Saturday started, but by the time I woke up in the morning just now getting ready for work, I was pooped, squished out of energy, and life. Just like the 2 second idea's that pop-up out of nowhere, my enthusiasm with life lasts no more than 30 minutes at any one time. It was so bad, that I stagnated for two straight days, on bed watching TV, with a bad bad back pain and laziness. And the pasta sucked.


I've been trying to cook pasta for the past 4 years. And I learned nothing. Tried many recipes, many ready made pasta and nothing comes close to the real deal. It doesn't even come close to the pseudo pasta that they serve in the I-talian restaurants here. I think my fascination with pasta is more towards its look rather than it's taste. I've been eating pasta 'professionally' for quite a number of years but I realized now I've never finished a pasta meal. And together with that I…

KickAss Weekend!

...its raining over here, and I'm writing a cool disaster story for the Romancing Pluto Series, and try to cook some edible pasta at the same time. Just hope everything goes well. Any suggestions for a SF movie that I could watch this weekend? That would definitely complete this kickass weekend!

Wait for Pluto, The Last Stand coming to a blog near you this Monday! (or Tuesday :p)

Embun Purana

[Language Theories, A Journey]
Embun Purana

kisah cinta,
di pagi hari,
di bawah pohon redang,
sambil melihat,
tasik jernih mempesona,

nun jauh di hujung bumi,
laungan angin merisik khabar,
tangan ku dan tangan mu,

dibelakangi belantara misteri,
embun menyelubungi dedaun,
khabaran burung yang gembira,
sinaran sang purana,
seorang pencerita bernama,
cinta. [*] And In English.
The Dew's Story

a love story,
on a morning day,
under a majestic tree,
while witnessing,
a bewitching lake,

at the far end of earth,
the voices of winds,
my hand and yours,

beside a mysterious jungle
dew enveloping leaves,
the stories of eager birds,
the storytellers rays,
a storyteller by the name of,
the heart,
love. [+] Another Malay poem (with not a very good translation) after Angin Malam (Night Wind). Essentially, exploring love amid nature. The essence of purity which is nature intertwined with love somewhat lost in time and age. Wrote under the int…

Like Yesterday, and Forever

Man is a creature whose substance is faith. What his faith is, he is.
- Bhagavad Gita...didn't we say it's fragile. Like the sands of time, the liquid dreams, the flare of the sun, the ceaseless gravity. Mere evolutions on a grand scale, but didn't we teach it's fragility. Yet, there is hope and there are people who carry this hope. Like the forever torch, on the endless night, along the endless oceans, under the endless stars, during an endless life...

Rest in Peace Mate.

Always remembered.

And to others.

Hope. Endless.

Truth and Reality

that when truth
cannot defy reality
then we humans,
are defiant,
reality and truth,
is one,
and there is no truth
in us. Had this thought of how the religious view of the universe is different from scientific notations. Its true, in the simplest sense that what we see in reality, as reality, is true, so it must be the truth. We don't, after seeing a person, say the person is not there. So there is a reality when there is a person, and then it is true. When we tell someone this, whether they believe it or not, the truth is there is a person (in the reality) that we are telling them. What we see around us is real, its true. What we don't see might be real, it is true if another person sees it and tells us that there is something there. That is existence.

If we look at the religious stand-point, or the quasi-religious thinking, they say that reality is what we perceive as, so if the person is not there and we say, that we saw a person, we expect others to believe it because rea…

The Nomad's Checklist: A Semi Charmed Kind of Life

Hope all this happens;

[1] Quit current job. Get a better job, or start own company.

[2] Become a writer, publish a book.

[3] Get a DSLR (Canon or Nikon). (DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera - or commonly known as a souped up digital camera).

[4] Get them buggers to reclassify Pluto as a planet.

[5] Get a girlfriend.

[6] Get a car.

[7] Get my own apartment.

[8] (continued from [3]) ...and go backpacking in India.

[9] Come early/ on time to work (till I quit work that is).

[10] Stop thinking of sex all too often.

[11] Learn digital design, ad-making, become a graphic artist.

[12] Make a movie.

[13] Write a script/ story for a movie, then make a movie. (sigh)

[14] Ban Starbucks and all those expensive coffee outlets around the world.

[15] Kill all politicians. (trust me, there are no good ones) Or stop reading newspapers and/ or watching the news.

[16] Finish my thesis. (this is the 3rd year in a row that I am 'asking' myself to do this)

[17] Get myself a private island.

[18] Stop daydream…

The Makings of a Nomad

Celebrated the Independence day with a couple of Tigers and a game of snooker. Probably the first time I did not see any fireworks in ages, on TV or 'live'. Heck, I did not even fly the flag, or shout out 'Merdeka' (which means 'Independence' or "Yay its holiday!" in today's language). So the highs and lows of existence got diluted in the strange yellow liquid which is starting to taste less bitter along the years. So why Tiger now? Well Heineken is the best beer in the world, so its for special occasions, Carlsberg sponsors Liverpool, so its for the soccer matches during weekends and that leaves Tiger beer (from our Kiasu neighbor's up south, Singapore) which is enjoyed by *gasp* Jessica Alba! The babe of the babes!. So Tiger for a while...and did I tell you I love Thundercats...? (do read on, it gets better...thanx)

Took 12 hungry, blood thirsty, take no prisoners, cannibalistic, programmers to the Kamal movie yesterday. The best thing about …