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Paper airplane, Part 2; a Lost generation, a Zen Lunch and a Life

A Lost Generation This may sound like an anti-thesis, but do students really need all this new age ultra-soft materials in their classrooms? What is education in it's purest sense? The real goal of going to school is to learn something we have not learned before. And in it's subsets, to understand what we have know or seen but cant comprehend. And further caught up in the tangled map is the idea of a 'teacher' who is a 'learned' person who must be able to show this students the correct direction. To mobilize their minds into working, moving in tandem with the rest of the world.

Now, in this fractal age, the students are lost. Lost like never before, because 'before' they had saviours in the form of teachers. The old school teachers who taught because they wanted to see a new future. They gave birth to a new generation who could develop and build a new future, a world of free thinkers who, while ultimately subjected to political oppression, managed to buil…

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 2, Why the heck are my post titles in Spanish?!

Jueves, el día antes de viernes Yesssss! It's Thursday. Oh man it's thursday...someday over the rainbow... It's Thursday! And what does that mean? Nothing! Exactly nothing. Just like the past 3 days of work and just like the days to come. So to make this Thursday more exciting,I'lll try to summarize the week.

On a Thursday, you can reflect past your whole week and see how much you achieved. How much you learned at work, about life and relationships. Most probably your communication with yourcolleaguess improved. Probably you met the deadline, and the project is finalized, or launched. Maybe you made a lot of people happy because of that. And certainly the vendors can get a good night's sleep if all the programming work is done. On a Thursday also you can rejoice of the thought thattomorroww is Friday and the weekend is finally here. Yes, you can plan your weekend, maybe catch a movie or two. It'll be good if you go for a Friday night show so that you can spend yo…


sages whisper sometimes,
so does the wind on high mountains,
when the leaf hears them both,
it falls asleep in tranquil,
both knowing everything and
remembering nothing -gp2006- [-] Susurro means Whisper in Spanish Ghost Tags:

'Rafa'lution, parte una.

Rafa believes..."Luck is in love with hard work. Fortune as a residue of design, or a dividend of sweat."

[-] Apparently it's a Spanish proverb. Read his full interview here;[RafaRules]

[-] Another quote taken from the same interview;
'Vous appartenez au monde que j'aime.' You belong to the world I love'

[-] 'Rafa'lution will be a new series on Liverpool Football Club, the coach, the KOP and the scouse.

Avión de papel

[-] When you're a small kid, probably your grampa made a paper aeroplane and introduced you to the exciting world of flying 'things'.

[-] When you're in primary school, teacher shows you a picture of an aeroplane and tells you that the wings of the plane enables it to fly.

[-] In lower-secondary, you learn that there are forces lifting the plane upwards and enables it to fly. You are introduces to the shape of the plane and the forces.

[-] In upper-secondary, the forces acting on the wings are explained further. Bernoulli's principle coupled with the conservation of momentum results in the plane to fly. The aerofoil shape of the wing is also important to enable the difference in pressure on the wings to lift the plane. Other basic aerodynamic components of the wing and tail wing such as the flap and rudder are introduced.

[-] In the university, the forces acting on the wings suddenly becomes more complex and mind-bending. By the time you finish your degree, masters or …

Cubo de Basura


[1] I don't think I'll get a dustbin after all, since there is no allocation for a new dustbin! What the...!

[2] I think there will be a bunch of interns coming next week, when I will relinquish my 'New Guy' status.

[3] Somehow, my migrain wanted to test me during work, so I had to go back early last Friday...Does anyone have a good remedy to fend of migrains? Something that should work all the time.

[4] I found out that, when you work, due to some quantum-thermodynamic-wormholic-superstring-entropy-blackhole phenomenon, WEEKENDS don't exist! This can be calculated using the equation; WEEKEND = q.t.wh.St.e.poof/time, the result of the calculation is = HA HA You're A Loser and must be stated with the appropriate SI unit of NmWatt.

[5] What would you recommend for breakfast that should carry you until evening without falling asleep or loosing your mind. No nasi lemak, roti canai or thosai. Please.

[6] Had one of those movie star dreams again...sigh...This time

A House for Mr. Ghost; Part 8: Foucault's Pendulum

...and the pendulum swings back and forth, offering solutions and strangely in the next moment more problems.

I went back to my lab today, to pick up a few things and possibly drop by at the library. It's been two weeks since I last went to my faculty, I've had longer breaks, but strangely this time the feeling was different. I felt like an outsider, disconnected with the institution that I felt was my second home. Even though I hated the administration and the pathetic attitude of the academician there, this place remained my one true link to the scientific world. Not even the Nobel posters plastered on the walls of the quarter century building greeted me, with their usual cheerful silent voices, not even the occasional student seem to bother me, not even the lab itself.

Of decisions and the general human culture, we are born to face choices, and make decisions. But again, science is about possibilities of what can and might happen. Why is that while science is not about decisi…


We fear no human, we fear no mountain, no fire, no water, no stone, no space, no sky. Who do we fear Black Man, who do we fear? We fear God, we fear Devil, we fear fear itself. -gP2006-
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The Telegram Tag

Ok, you know what, there is no way you can sustain a blog by writing something cool, some heartwarming story all the time. Hence there exist tags. Now tags brings out the creativity in people. And even if you don't like it, you can just read and learn a lot from it. And so so so again I come out with this brand new tag which is called the telegram tag. I don't know whether it has been done before or not but here goes;

All you have to do is come up with short and funny telegram messages.

Need.Life.Stop.I'm.26.Still.Single.Stop ---> Get the idea? Short, simple and funny. (not that im implying this is funny...)

Here's a few more;


Tamil.Serials.Suck.Life.Out.Of.Us.Stop.Need.Large.Hammer.Stop ...ok it was funny when I thought of it, now suddenly it fizzles out...but you're welcome to try if you want. [-] I have another post below.

Tierra del la del la

Oh man...The coffee didn't work....I'm doomed...It's only 10 am!

[+] "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Watch Tamil serials...!"

Looking at the 'things' that they air in the Tamil channels nowadays, I think the end of the world is near.

[+] Pinky and the Brain was/ is one of my favorite cartoons on TV. Initially it aired together with the Animanics segment created by Spielberg and then had its own standalone series. A DVD compilation will be available in a few months. Celebrate!


...on this crossroads we were born, we met, we laughed, we cried, we loved, we slept, we died, on this crossroads many fall, many kill, many love, many cry, many die and think they go away forever, only to wake up and live a tomorrow...
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Odio los taxis

[-] Oh My God I'm early to work today! Nu ma nu ma oooo, nu ma nu ma's a cool song...get it from Nayan's post.

[-] A message to everyone who uses the commuter train from S*eremban to KL Sentral from 7 am to 7.30 am every morning. My huge pimple has finally exploded. Thanks for your friendly stare for the past week.

[-] The post title is in Spanish as with my previous post. Find the translation at;[BabelBabble]. Do tell me if it turns out funny.

****** "Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone."-Anthony Burgess

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Soy Triste even imagine I'm still in office, to even think that I've wasted a good 50 USD for the past week on metro since I cant figure out how to get to job properly, to even say that I hate the job because of all the lazy buggers here, to not being able to cry when I'm sad...

...So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's all that counts
So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's why, that's why I say...
- chorus from the song stick wit u by PussyCatDolls.

...and being so damn lonely going through all this...

Ponnarasi Tagged this miserable, tired, barely alive soul...

Movies I would watch over and over again:

Millenium Actress (Japanese Anime)

TV shows I love to watch:

Frasier (incidently, in yesterdays rerun episode, Bill Gates made a guest appearence)
King of Queens
Outer Limits
Thansformers (Cartoon)

My favourite foods :

Rice + 'Kirre'-Vegetable Curry + fried anchovies or fried fish or appalams.
Karuvatu Curry
Anything now actully since I havent eaten for 20 hours...

My Greatest victories :

When I finnaly realised I'm NOT in charge of my life anymore. It took me 26 years to find this out, and I'm so sad now. So damn sad.

Things that I hate:

The nagging sound from the dripping water pipe, my housemate, the morning metro, the evening metro, money, smoking people, my migrain and my mortal enemies and and my depression episodes.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with:

God if he exists to ask why the heck he created everyone and made them miserable, made them die, made them cry, made them suffer.
Einstein for defining my …

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 1;'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é'

Okay, I planned to write something long, but I'm too tired to even think, so my grampa Albert Einstein wants to say something;

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

[-] Somehow now I'm part of the commuter culture, The Domino's-office pizza party culture, the mineral water bottle culture, the cab culture (buggers I hate them!...10 bucks for a 10 km ride!!!), the wear you sweater in the office culture, the computer/ office big butt culture, the wake up at 5.30 am culture, the miss you lunch coz no one calls you for lunch culture, the go back at 2 am culture come back at 8 am culture, the feel like wanna wack the lazy buggers in the office culture, the 'can you plz gimme a ride' culture, the plan you salary usage a few weeks before actually getting it culture - (predominantly Indian originated culture), the always have to go to the loo coz of the ov…

History of Biscuits

I got a very long email from a buddy saying I'm dropping hints of depression in my blog, depression in me that is. Well as Nayan said in his comments, depression technically should only be a phase but for someone whose been suffering from it for 10 years, I think it's very well defined as a disease. No one actually knows where it comes from, let alone know a good cure for it. It has no cure, it causes physical damage to the brain and worst still, the only shortcut out of it would be suicide. Imagining that every other road leeds to more dead ends, complex problems, many serious suffers from depression take that one easy route out of misery. I wont rant futher on the technicality of depression, you can read it here;[DepressedWiki].

So what is it about Gp and depression. For once, I think I know where it came from. It's my inability to conquer my fears, of almost everything. Maybe it started when I was bullied during my schooling days, or it could be because I just simply lik…

And she moves out...

Sanjana has left the building, well she moved out.
She tried to explain, but it was too late. Sad sad day, hope she's happy at her new place. Wonder if she'll remember all of us in a few years. Kids this young seldom remember all the people they meet unless you're really attached to them. Bye bye Sanjana, we will miss you.

North Season, II

I don't have the power to see through your heart,
never had the reason to move beyond this line,
lost my dignity one day a lifetime ago,
no direction exists in this road I'm on,
life is a macabre of death and being born dead,
voices mute to the pain in the chest,
some naked image of a soul living in pain,
I cried for years not to relive this life,
this is not a story of love lost and found,
deep dark visions cloud my mind,
insanity in this land of white and red,
no hands my friend, no hands to help us,
they don't understand the demon and angels here,
fire upon fire burning the green forest into oblivion,
in a far land I see corpses under a willow,
death is not far, it lives in us,
those clouds you call God floats ignoring,
people around me rushing through unknowing,
inside the mind lies a freedom locked,
so blind were our minds that when we bleed we forget,
lost are we in this search for truth,
dare you touch my eyes when it's blind in anger,
the devil he stands beside me as a friend,
God ah…

Women's Day

Tagged by Ponnarasi

About: All Women

Two things I like in her:
1. Being the giver of life
2. Their amazing character

Two things I dislike in her:
1. Being helpless when she needs help the most.
2. Forgiving the evil men do.

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1. The ones she cooks with love and passion everyday
2. The ones she cooks for a hungry child -::- HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY TO ALL WOMEN -::-

Golden Dreams

The 78th annual Oscars ended with a few surprises but I thought this is the most brilliantly original Oscars ever, devoid for much of the show of the usual politics.
The show opened with the usual comedic moments and they even got David Letterman in the intro production. John Stewart was probably overwhelmed by the capacity of the whole thing evident from the initial moments of 'comedians brain block'. I would have loved to see Chris Rock back, but then the Academy decides they need a new paradigm for the whole show. I still don't get the Jew jokes JS made but in all he carried the show smoothly scripted. Also new would be the 'lobbying' montages that was very candid. It's a known fact that heavy lobbying goes on in the background of the voting process. Sadly though, the presenters were not funny, save maybe for Ben Stiller over the top antics in his green suit. Where is Robin Williams when you need him...!

Looking back at the winners, George Clooney made every…

As it is...

Now, how cool is this! He deserves every moment of it. Congratulations to Ang Lee for being the first Asian to win the best director Oscar. May he lead the way for many more Asian film makers.

Radio City Raiders

The summer of 69 wouldn’t have sounded better if it were the summer of 79. He would have liked it that way though, but then that summer; the song was number one across the country. Manu came first, as usual. Almost the same time everyday for the past 5 years, and sat almost at the same place for as long it has been. Almost distinctive considering he doesn’t like being routine for almost anything. Rafa walked in as the song ended, but he knew Jacob would crank up the old jukebox in a few minutes just for the heck of it. Just to hear the number one song for one more time. Dalian came in with a huge smile on his face. It was Wednesday, and everyone knows what Wednesdays are for. That one day every week they would ride to the outskirts of the city to catch the Night Birds on their amazing night routines. The best damn air show pilots in the west. They’re that much good for almost forever. Yes, that much.

The old radio is nearly bald of every feature. The dials are devoid of groves and the …

You had a bad day...

Ever had one of those days where everything go wrong? U feel like killing someone? feel like drinking all the coke in the world and get sick? First of all, none of the ATM machines around my time zone worked...damn don't know why and there were a bunch of people before me who wanted to blow up the dumb thing. I don't know how on earth we got so dependent on this machines, its screwing us up. And then the f$^(*&-up maxis ate my credits for no obvious f#*^%^#-ing reason. There only three telcos in this darn country and hell none of it is good. its a mystery on how Aircel would even allow Maxis to buy into them, don't they do market research or sumthing? If any Aircel dude is reading this, please, you just made the biggest mistake of your collective lives! So you go around wondering what to do with you miserable life when it starts to rain and you get all wet and then you had to stop at all traffic lights. now that's bad. worst if your underwear gets wet...sigh... And..…