Thursday, December 28

Your Silence Mirrors Mine

Today is my 2nd last day at work. Came in rather early (which in my case is about 30 minutes past the swipe in time), saw the office half empty. Spent the first half of the morning trying to get my pay released earlier which did not happen, spent the second half doing brunch. Fumbled through the farewell speech during the farewell lunch but it was ok since there were a dozen more sad souls being 'retired' today. Spent the rest of the office hours watching Liverpool FC's May 2005 Champions League triumph videos. Sucked in much needed inspiration, since next week I don't have to wake up at 6 am anymore for a while, which roughly translates that I would turn into a jobless bum.

Right now, I'm the only guy left in the office, there's a strange silence today, even the keyboard did not rattle much the frozen time. I would say, this past year has been very good for me. If the only goals in life is to meet new people, then I exceeded it with flying colors. But the goals of life is to learn and never stop learning. Learn everything, the good and the bad included. Remember Star Wars? You have to master both the extremes of good and evil to strike the balance in life. So where is this silence coming from?

There are certainly no regrets in me taking this job. It cleared the path to many interesting possibilities, many crossroads that presented doors to new abilities and results. But the most important thing is to manage the days and the openings because quite typically, we humans cannot do so many things at the same time. What's left of a day is only the remains of time, the sparkles of memories, never new possibilities. New possibilities are born tomorrow, the day after and the future. So at the end of the day, we have fulfilled another destiny, not by luck but by perseverance.

And the people we leave behind. You must agree that the world is simply too big for us to pigeon hole at one place. So we laughed, we cried and hugged and sang songs, but then there are many more waiting. Many events and histories to write off, many days to enjoy the sunsets. But where are the new people? How do we seek them? For this I have no answer, but maybe time will mirror the future for me and you. And for now, your silence mirrors mine.
...point of origin...

If I could imagine days of never ending sunsets, where parts of the sky are painted in golden orange hues, with clouds combing through the atmosphere in long streaks like fingers through hairs of beautiful maidens. And if I could add a bonfire where the woods crackle to the raging inferno creating semi-mechanical music that for all its effort does not disturb you and me. And in between this grand setting, if I could imagine you, a beautiful soul stranded on the beach with a hope mirroring mine and a passion slightly more and a touch insanely divine. Why, if I could imagine all this, I believe you could conjure a visions much grander, for tonight and every night. Amour.
[+] Keep sending in your stories guys, there's still time till the 31st.

[-] For everyone leaving for early holidays, have a wonderful New Year!


Nirek said...

Best wishes to get a new job soon! what r ur plans for new year eve?

Me too sitting in office (with less turnout today) after the layoffs

Cinderella. said...

Hmmm....are ya worried ?
I think not. This made me feel like you're already gearing for the good thing the coming new year's gonna get you !!
Have a blast fella !!!!!!!

Pauline said...

Life is a winding road,we cannot see around the next bend. Simply trust that the road continues and new people and adventures await.Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings! Happy travels and best of all Happy new aquaintances and many new friends.

Katie said...

Beautiful thoughts! Happy New Year! T


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